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Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder

Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder

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  • Easy to remove lid for easy filling
  • Perches tested by birds
  • Ability to feed a wide range of seeds/mixes
  • Easy to clean
  • Decorative leaf design with antique finish
  • Seed tray to prevent mess & waste
  • Hard wearing metal

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What is the Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder?

If you're looking for a seed feeder that offers the ability to feed a good volume of a variety of seeds, then the Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder is for you.

The Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder is ideal for any bird lover. Made with hard wearing metal and an antique finish with a decorative leaf design. The feeding seed tray is designed to capture and prevent mess & waste as well as being easy for small birds to perch on and feed. It is perfect for feeding a range of seed mixes. This feeder is simple refill and comes with a loop to hang it from a tree or dinning station.

Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder are equipped with:

Feeding Tips for the Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder


With modern intensive farming and agricultural methods, a birds natural food resources are scarcer. This makes it essential for us to help out, feeding birds all year round. Once you have started to feed the birds with a garden bird feeder, it is important to continue and develop a routine. Your local birds will become reliant on your help.


When you're feeding birds, it's just as important to maintain a supply of fresh, clean drinking water for drinking and bathing is also vital.

How Do I Keep My Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder Clean?

Regular cleaning will keep your Peckish Secret Garden Feeder operational for longer. Depending on the seed mix you use, if moisture creeps in, some cheap seed mixes will germinate and cause all sorts of feeding problems. To avoid moist seeds germinating, use Peckish No Grow Seed Mixes. which won't germinate due to the unique processing that keep the seeds nutrients in place but stops them germinating. To maintain hygiene levels, regular cleaning of your feeders and drinking water/bathing stations is essential.

The following points will help you to maintain clean feeding and bathing stations:

  • Clean feeding and drinking areas regularly with a mild disinfectant
  • Keep food fresh and dry, removing any wet food to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases


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