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Propagators help you to provide the perfect environment for early plant growth - with a focus on root development. Roots require a damp, warm and humid environment to grow. to get your cutting to root, you'll need a propogator and If you're growing your plants from seed, the use of a propagator can give your plants a head start to life. Good propagation techniques can decrease rooting times, increase rooting rates and build a strong foundation for future growth, flower and fruiting. Read our buyers guide below for more info on propagators.

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All propagators allow you to provide the perfect environment for the early life of your seedlings and cuttings, increasing your chances of successful, fast rooting. When choosing your propagator make sure you consider the amount of young plants you want to house in them and how tall they’ll get: purchase one that suites your requirements.

Unheated Propagators

Unheated propagators are comprised of a bottom tray in which your young plants sit and a top tray that's clear to let light through and will have adjustable vents to let some humidity out. Unheated propagators trap moisture from any sprays and heat from the grow light to provide the perfect conditions for root development.

Heated Propagators

Heated propagators have a similar construction to unheated propagators with the inclusion of an electric heater underneath the bottom tray - this allows you to set a temperature which will be maintained meaning your young plants roots will stay a consistent temperature which should lead to fast, profuse rooting.

You’ll need to ‘harden off’ your rooted plants coming out of the propagator - they’re used to a warm, humid environment so if you take them out of the propagator without first getting them used to your environment outside of a propagator it may negatively affect plant health. In order to harden off your rooted cuttings you can leave the vents open for an increasing amount of time so the plants slowly get used to the less humid, cooler air.

If you’re unsure of the exact requirements for your space or plant type, get in touch with our specialist team via email or call us on 0800 085 7995, as we can advise you on the best propagator for your budget and technique.