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X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator Components & Spares

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  • Faster root development and improved success rates
  • Keep young plants in a totally protective environment
  • You can buy everything you need individually

What Are X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators?

The range of X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators reduce rooting times significantly and can considerably increase your success rate.

Every gardener looks for the most effective way to grow plants quickly, keep them disease free and get high yield cropping at the end of the process. If you want to grow without soil, aeroponics is a highly effective and efficient way of growing. It can be very productive. Plants grown aeroponically absorb feed and water through a fine mist at root level, instead of from soil or a running liquid. Improved nutrient uptake comes through the introduction of large amounts of air, also improving root zone health.

Growth is promoted and root development can also be greatly improved by using X-Stream Aeroponic propagators. They are available in varying sizes to suit larger crops: 12, 20, 40, 80 & 120 site.

The X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators could give you a major boost in plant health, speed of growth and more produce at the end than expected.

Make the most out of these X-Stream Aeroponic propagators ability for rapid root development and combine them with a Sunblaster T5 Combo or Streetlight LED grow light to provide the perfect environment for a strong start to young plant's lives.

What is Aeroponics?

In simple words, aeroponics is growing plants by suspending their roots in the air and spraying them with nutrient solutions. As Hydroponics is the method of growing plants in a water-and-nutrient solution, Aeroponics uses a nutrient-rich mist that is applied directly to the roots.

No matter what you're growing, the early stages of a plant's development are the most important. That's why X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator Components & Spares can help you on the way to gardening glory.

What Spares Parts Are Available for The X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators?

From X-Stream Propagators – Replacement Sprayheads to X-Stream Propagators – Kit Bags for 12, 20 and 40 Sites, you can buy everything you need individually.

An X-Stream Propagators – 12 Site Corex (or X-Stream Propagators – 20 Site Corex, for bigger ambitions) is an excellent place to start.

An X-Stream Propagators – 12 & 20 Site Propagator Lid can come in handy, as can X-Stream Propagators – Rubber Collars.

From your X-Stream Propagators – 12 Site Delivery System all the way up to your X-Stream Propagators – 120 Site Delivery System, there's something to suit all kinds of grower.

Other popular components include an X-Stream Propagators – 20 Site Delivery H Tube and X-Stream Propagators – 40 Site Support Tray.