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Quest 70 Dehumidifier

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  • Dehumidifier for use in a horticultural environment
  • Maintaining humidity is a key factor to success
  • Comes complete with waste drain
  • Capable of removing 26 Litres from your environment daily

Dehumidifer specifically designed for use in a horticultural environment.

Controlling humidity in compact, unconditioned commercial spaces presents unique challenges. Variable temperatures and constrained placement means you need a targeted solution. That’s where the Quest 70 comes in.

This compact, economical, high performing dehumidifier has one of the widest temperature and relative humidity operating ranges available.

Monitoring your humidity within your growing environment is extremely important because as if humidity is too high during budding, fruiting and flowering then Mould and Mildew can take hold, ultimately leading to a loss of yield.

High humidity effects nutrient uptake and distribution as the plant structures rely on a difference in humidity between the pores (stomata) and air, in high humidity situations, the plant may stop transpiration which reduces mobility of nutrients, slowing growth.

Low humidity can force plants to transpire too quickly which may lead to leaf wilt if the plant is unable to replace these liquids faster than they are removed.

Plants are best facilitated with different levels of humidity throughout their lifespan; Overall, cuttings and young seedlings need high humidity (between 70 - 80%) before they root as they’ve got a limited capacity for up-taking water without roots. Plants in the vegetative stage require between 50 - 70% RH, while flowering and fruiting plants demand lower humidity levels (between 40 - 60%).

The quest dehumidifier has a tank adapter so you can drain the water this unit absorbs back into your reservoir for use in your irrigation systems.

Quest 70 dehumidifier tech specs:

  • Water Removal: 26L per day at 80F (27C), 60% RH
  • Efficiency of 5.0 Pints/KWH
  • 10’ Cord Length
  • Ductable-intake and dual exhaust kits available
  • 5-Year warranty
  • Onboard dehumidistat and low voltage terminal block