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Pure Factory Humidifiers

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  • Humidity is very important in a plants early life
  • Total production of steam adjustable
  • Empty tank indicator
  • Fog direction adjustable

Significantly increase the Relative Humidity in your grow room with our 4 or 8 Litre Humidifier by Pure Factory!

High humidity is essential for the successful propagation of cuttings, and can be extremely beneficial for seedlings. When a small number of cuttings are being taken, a Propagator can be used to get and maintain an elevated level of humidity. For larger spaces, humidity can be hard to maintain without the use of a humidifier.

Plants in the vegetative stage still require elevated levels of relative humidity. As plants get larger, they require more space and may outgrow the propagator. The 4L model is perfect for tents with 1-3 lights while the 8L model can be used in larger systems.

During late flower when the fruits are ripening, High humidity may be detrimental to plant health, with the humidity giving fungus spores and bacteria the perfect conditions to thrive. We recommend you discontinue the use of Humidifiers at the start of flower onset, whilst still measuring humidity within your garden.

How to Use:

We recommend you only use filtered water within the Humidifier, as the minerals within the water will also be vaporised alongside the water. This can lead to a build-up of residue on your equipment, which reduces the efficacy of your Bulbs, Reflectors and Carbon Filters.

Plug and play; simply plug in the power cord into your wall and set the dial to the required level of humidity.

Humidity levels:

Clones/ Seedlings: 70 – 85%

Vegetation: 65 – 75%

Flower: 45 – 65%