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SANlight EVO 5 LED Grow Light

SANlight EVO 5 LED Grow Light

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  • IP65 waterproofing for harsh greenhouse environments
  • Excellent fixture efficiency of more than 3µmol/J
  • Geometric optimised optics
  • Quality IP65 Connectors
  • Optimised passive cooling heat sinks
  • Optional Dimmer and Sunrise Simulation
  • Professional use - suitable for Co2 grow rooms
  • Separate power cable required

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What is the SANlight EVO 5 LED Grow Light?

The EVO 5 models are designed for growers using tents/rooms with depth between 120cm to 150cm and up. Using two Evo 5-150 lights in a tent of up to 1.5×1.5m gives you the maximum usable lighting intensity. The EVO 5 models produces an awesome 870µmol/s (a lot of light) at an economical consumptions rate of 320W. Due to the solid-state and low-profile design of the new EVO LEDs, it’s a lot easier to use two lights. The passive cooling and ability to mount them closer to the ceiling means you have enough space in the middle of the tent to install the ventilation. This gives you the best use of the limited height in grow tents. Simple and highly configurable hanging options make it really easy to change the angle of fixtures to direct the light where you want it. 3D, high quality secondary optics allow for easy cleaning and ensure a constantly even light distribution on your planting area.

SANlight EVO 5-120 Specific Information

The EVO 5-120 is designed for open planting areas and high spaces with optimally controlled climates and an additional CO₂ feed. The EVO 5-120 is developed as a professional project LED light fixture. The EVO 5-120's intense light produced needs a professional-level understanding. We advise using additional C02 if you're using two EVO 5-120s in an area of 1.2 × 1.2m. It is also advised to use dimmers to avoid damaging your plants.

Key Benefits of the SANlight EVO 5 LED Grow Light

The following key benefits highlight why you need the SANlight EVO 5 LED grow lights powering your indoor growing activities:

EVO 5-120 Models
  • Designed as a project LED light fixture for high spaces and open areas
  • Not designed for use in tents
  • CO₂ supplementation and dimmer advised for some applications
  • 320W at 870µmol/s
  • Tilting and built-in secondary optics direct the light optimally
  • Optional dimming enables power savings and adaptation to a wide range of growing conditions
  • Sanlight Power cords and accessories are available separately - not included in the box

EVO 5-150 Models
  • Developed and optimized for areas with 150cm depth
  • Recommended for 150 tents
  • 320W & 870µmol/s provide plenty of energy for strong growth and flowering
  • No CO₂ supplementation necessary
  • Best possible light diffusion and intensity, for optimal plant development
  • Tilting and built-in secondary optics direct the light optimally
  • Optional dimming enables power savings and adaptation to a wide range of growing conditions
  • Power cords and accessories are available separately - not included in the box

  • SANlight EVO 5 Technical Specifications


    EVO 5-120

    EVO 5-150

    Power consumption (W)




    Weight (kg)



    Length (mm)



    Width (mm)


    Height (mm)


    Protection class


    *in the emission wavelength range from 400 - 780 nm

    About the New SANlight EVO LED Grow Lights

    SANlight's EVO LED Grow Lights are the peak "EVOlution"! The EVO series elevates your growing space to the top-tier of LED growing. SANlight are the leading LED light manufacturers and are known for creating some of the best plant cultivation LEDs in the market. The EVO-Series is the next offers a superb advanced efficiency of more than 3µmol/J at the module level.

    The Evo-Series introduces SANlights highly sophisticated development of three dimensional secondary optics. These brand new optics capture more than 95% of the total photons and direct them where you want them: bathing your plants with diffused light.

    The EVO series LED lights combines years of in-house expertise and external research to bring you the best, new LED technology!

    With the SANlight EVO Series LED grow lights, you benefit from maximum flexibility, the very best system efficiency and sustainability over the LEDs lifetime.

    Different Sizes To Cover Any Application

    With a variety of different size EVO models available, they have you covered, whether you want to light a small area, a professional indoor garden or a whole greenhouse. With the SANlight EVO series, you can create the perfect lighting solution for any application.


    EVO 3

    EVO 4

    EVO 5

    Model EVO 3-100 EVO 4-120 EVO 5-120 EVO 5-150

    Power consumption

    190 W

    255 W

    320 W

    Power factor

    > 0.95

    Input voltage range

    100 – 240/277V 50/60 Hz

    Max. input current @ 220VAC









    4.1 kg

    5.1 kg

    5.9  kg

    6.4 kg

    Emission wave range

    400 - 780

    Protection class


    Why Do I Need the SANlight EVO LED Grow Light?

    The SANlight EVO LED grow light is the perfect new grow light for any application. Newly available to the UK, this brand new, cutting edge, LED lighting technology is sleek, solid state and brings awesome performance in a super-smart, tight package.

    The following points highlight why you NEED this brand new LED grow light powerhouse in your grow room:

    • Advanced efficiency
    • 3D secondary optics
    • Best in class technology
    • Ready-to-dim
    • High quality IP65 waterproof connectors
    • Passive cooling
    • Daisy chaining

    Advanced Efficiency

    The EVO-Series offers you an advanced efficiency of more than 3µmol/J at module level. During development, the EVO-Series team paid particular attention to the light spectrum to ensure, alongside gardening best practices, the fixtures help to produce class-leading yields per area. They carried out many, empirical trials, to fine-tune and optimise the spectrum to benefit photosensitive annuals. The resulting broadband light spectrum extends beyond the conventional PAR range to offer a far red to red ratio. Red light works to positively influence photo-morphogenesis and the final quality and quantity of the harvest.

    3D Secondary Optics

    The Evo-Series LED introduces SANlights sophisticated development of three-dimensional secondary optics. These brand new asymmetric optics are optimized to the geometric dimensions of the fixture, minimizing losses by capturing more than 95% of the total photons. The optimisation results in a highly dispersed light that bathes your plants in tailored light with improved intensity (PPFD). Combined with the reflective properties of modern grow tents/reflective sheeting, light losses are minimised.

    The secondary optics also protect the LEDs from damaging environmental factors/contamination in high-humidity greenhouse/growing situations during the lifecycle of your plant's cultivation. They're also easy to keep clean, which helps to guarantee you a constant light output for many years.

    Best In Class Technology

    The SANlight EVO-Series LED grow lights use leading-edge, highly efficient OSRAM and Seoul Semiconductor WICOP LEDs.

    Seoul Semiconductor WICOP technology provide their patented White LEDs. And the latest OSRAM High Power LEDs are used for red and far-red LEDs.


    Each model in the EVO series is “ready-to-dim”. This means the fixture is compatible with typical, modern greenhouse control systems. Alternatively, you can retrofit the fixtures with a compatible EVO-Series magnetic or Bluetooth dimmer. Compared to mechanical rotary potentiometers, the new SANlight solid-state, magnetic and wireless dimmer solutions last longer. Being solid-state means they're wear-free, sealed units. This makes them perfect for use in humid, greenhouse conditions with better water ingress protection.

    High Quality IP65 Waterproof Connectors

    The EVO-Series is the result of decades of development experience and learning to create unique, high-quality, IP65 waterproof connectors. All SANlight EVO accessories are IP65 rated, meaning your connections are protected from dust and water jets. Basically, they're designed for harsh, greenhouse environments!

    Interconnect and daisy chain cables include:

    • 1m/2m extension cables
    • 2m Power cables
    • H-connectors

    The ability to buy off-the-shelf connectors and accessories means you can easily (and safely) configure your system for dimming or daisy-chain to suit your system. The new range of cables includes a range of space-saving angled supply and extension cables.

    Daisy Chaining

    The EVO-Series introduces a plethora of connectivity solutions for your new LED grow lights! With an eye to the future, and to protect the planet from senseless production of cables that may never be used, SANlight decided not to include any power cables in the box. This allows you the ultimate in flexibility to create your own connectivity solution that is a perfect it for your system with no waste or cables left unused.

    What Area Do The SANlight EVO-Series LED Grow Lights Cover?

    Tent Size Guide

    Non-Co2 Grow Room
    Tent size No. Light Fixtures Model Height [H] Position of light fixture [W] Tilting degree [T]
    100x100cm 2x EVO 3-100 30cm 60cm between the light fixtures – 20cm from the walls 11°
    120x120cm 2x EVO 4-120 30cm 70cm between the light fixtures – 25cm from the walls 11°
    150x150cm 2x EVO 5-150 50cm 90cm between the light fixtures – 30cm from the walls 11°
    Co2 Grow Room
    120x120cm 2x EVO 5-120 30cm 90cm between the light fixtures – 15cm from the walls 11°
    150x150cm 3x EVO 5-150

    Outer lights 25cm
    Middle light 30cm

    Outer lights – 20cm from the wall
    Middle light – central
    Outer lights 11°
    Middle light 0°

    What Accessories Can I Get For the EVO-Series LED Grow Light?

    Accessory Table

    The following table highlights the available EVO-Series accessories. It also shows you recommended distances and how many accessories you'll need to cover it.

    Area size
    Light fixture No. of light fixtures Power cable
    Power cable
    angled AI0037
    Extension cable
    1m AI0022
    Extension cable
    2m AI0023
    Extension cable
    1m angled AI0040
    Protective cap
    100 x 100 EVO 3 -100 2 1 - 1 - - 2 1
    120 x 120 EVO 4 – 120 2 1 - 1 - - 2 1
    150 x 150 EVO 5 – 150 2 1 - 1 - - 2 1
    240 x 120 EVO 4 – 120 4 1 - 2 1 - 4 1

    SANlight EVO-Series Information Videos

    Choosing the Right Light for your Application

    SANlight EVO-Series Tilt System

    How To Hang Your SANlight EVO-Series Light Fixture

    Recommendations for Higher Light Intensities

    This video shows you how best to position your SANlight EVO-Series lights in your tent with supplemental CO². Using CO² allows you to grow with more light intensity and higher temperatures. Higher concentrations of atmospheric CO² helps your plants to perform their natural cycles in more extreme conditions, that may otherwise cause stress. Growing with CO² and more intense light from your LED light fixture can provide you with mind blowing results.

    ATTENTION: The setups shown in the below video are designed for the highest lighting intensities. For the best results, CO² supplementation or dimmers are strongly recommended!


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