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Screw hook 55mm

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  • Inexpensive, reliable method of hanging extraction & lights.
  • Use in conjunction with jack chain.
  • Particularly effective on heavy, static grow room equipment.

Inexpensive reliable method of hanging your extraction and/or light fixtures.

Here at Future garden, we understand that the secure fitting of your various equipment is an important factor in every indoor garden. If your hanging methods fail, your equipment will fall onto your plants, destroying the crop.

While jack chain has a larger carrying capacity than many of its equipment hanging counterparts, It can be a bit finicky to adjust. We recommend using jack chain and screws on equipment that is static such as carbon filters, while using something like Yoyos on your lights so you can move them vertically as your plants grow.

How to use:

These screw hooks work well on wooden surfaces such as plyboard, MDF and beams.

Please note that the screws weak point is the strength of the surface you’re screwing it into, use appropriate fixings for different surfaces like rawl plugs in plasterboard or wall plugs in concrete, brickwork, stone or blockwork.