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SMSCOM Smart Controller 6.5amp

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  • Max load 6.5 Amps
  • Regulates the running speed of your fan
  • With the addition of the NTC temperature probe, the controller maintains a constant temperature in the environment
  • No wiring necessary simply Plug & Play

This new to the market, high load controller enables you to control the speed of the fans in your environment. As with a normal controller, it is possible to reduce the volume of the fans whilst prolonging their life.

With the addition of the temperature probe, the fan is thermostatically controlled; The room is regulated to a continuous temperature, which can be set by the user. The probe accurately measures the temperature and the controller adapts the fan speed accordingly.

Plug and play, compatible with any fan that uses a standard UK plug. The combined maximum load this controller can take is 6.5 Amps.


How to Use:

Simply plug the controller into any standard UK electrical outlet, making sure the probe is at the canopy level of the plants

Set the speed of the fan, we suggest running Inline RVK fans at 70-80% power, depending how quiet it needs to be

If you have the NTC temperature probe, set the temperature on the main controller that you want the room to stay at, the controller will maintain this temperature

Check the manuals that came with your fan to ensure you do not overload the controller with an appliance over 6.5A

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