Solacure – Flower Power UV Grow Light 1m

Solacure – Flower Power UV Grow Light 1m

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  • Stimulates essential oil production
  • Increases unique plant compounds up to 35%+
  • More compact, denser flowers and fruit
  • Massive increase in harvest quality
  • Low electrical usage
  • Suppresses mould, mildew and pests

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1 metre Flower Power 280 – 320nm UVR8 Grow Lamp

Whilst indoors, plants only receive the spectrum of light provided by your fixtures, which is usually a narrow band of electromagnetic radiation we call PAR. While UV light does not directly contribute to the PAR values given by most lighting manufacturers, UV has a significant impact on the quality of fruit and flowers grown with it as a supplementary lighting.

Our Sun emits UV that can damage DNA and act as a stressor to organisms. As Humans, we can avoid this UV induced damage by applying sunscreen, moving into a shaded area or putting on a hat. Humans can’t see UV, so there’s no colour associated with it.

Not all UV lights are equal – While some traditional fixtures (like CMH) do produce some UV, it is not in high enough quantities to stimulate the UVR8 protein – found in almost all plants when a UV light source is present. The UVR8 proteins entire job is to activate photo-protective mechanisms – ways the plant can reduce the impact of the incoming UV, like how we’d put on a hat and sunglasses in full sun.

Depending on the plant, these mechanisms can be different but generally, for plants that contain essential oils such as terpenes and flavonoids, it’s these oils that are stimulated to act as a sunblock for the incoming UV rays thus protecting the plant. The Solacure Flower power emits UV in precisely the range to stimulate the UVR8 protein, leading to massive gains in plant-based essential oils.

solacure flower power uv spectrum

What the Solacure Flower Power Lamp brings to your garden

  • 30% more Resins and Oils - Increases production of unique plant compounds from between 20% - 35%, with many growers reporting increases of 35%+. Our patented technology makes this possible through the stimulation of the UVR8 protein, which is triggered by UVB radiation at 288nm. This, in turn, stimulates plants to produce more compounds to protect themselves from the increased UVB.
  • No Powdery Mildew - Kill or suppress Powdery Mildew. Our lamps are proven to help eliminate PM and other moulds which cannot live in a high UV environment. They are not a substitute for good sanitation, but provide extra insurance that PM won’t sneak up on you.
  • Kill Insects - Kill or suppress insects. The 66% UVA portion of our lamps is modelled after the sun, but is more intense. In a grow room, where there is nowhere to hide, insect populations will drastically reduce before they multiply.
  • Less legginess - More compact, denser flowers and less ‘legginess’ during flowering. High UVB exposure reduces how much taller plants get during flowering, as the plant converts energy from growing taller stems into producing more unique plant compounds.

Solacure Integral Reflectors

These lamps have inbuilt reflectors to help direct the UV onto your canopy. Thanks to this design, there’s no need for additional reflectors that require maintenance, just replace the lamps on a 6-month schedule to make sure you continue to get the most out of them.

Solacure flower power integral reflector

Setting up the solacure flower power

Disconnect from the mains before installing lamp replacements.

Slide the pins into the holder and twist the lamp to lock it into place – make sure the logo is facing towards the plants to prevent the in-built reflector from blocking all the light!

We recommend installing 2 solacure flower power fixtures per 600w-1000w traditional fixture, as in the diagram below

Solacure flower power layout

How to use Solacure – Flower Power UV Grow Light

Use the solacure lamp right from the onset of flowering until harvest.

Different plant varieties and cultivars can cope with different amounts of UV – The exact amount required in your garden for a particular strain may take some experimentation through trial and error to see what works best for you.

We recommend starting with a regime of 2 hrs of solacure UV during ‘lights on’ per day – you can slowly increase the exposure by 15 minutes every other day. If leaf tips start to burn, reduce your exposure by 30 minutes and you’ll have found the most your particular variety can cope with before negative effects creep in.

Solacure – Lighting regime

Once you’ve found the maximum number of minutes your UV grow light can be on for, you want to incorporate it into your lighting regime which can be done in several ways:

The Pulse Method

15 minutes on, 45 minutes off throughout the entire flowering run during lights on. This will give plants some time to rest in between pulses and will have the added benefit of being near impossible to have adverse effects.


2-3 hours on at the start and end of the ‘day’. Some users turn their solacure on during the sunrise and sunset times.

Solacure – Distance from plants

In an indoor environment, a typical plant will require between 2- 6 hrs supplementary UV per day but can be left on longer in commercial facilities or greenhouses where lights are usually mounted much higher from the canopy. The higher the fixtures are mounted, the larger footprint they’ll cover but the longer you need to leave them on each day to have the required effect.

Solacure Flower Power Life Span

Solacure Lamps in the Bloom room must be replaced after 6 months of 12/12 (roughly 2000 hrs) to continue to stimulate the UVR8 protein. As the lamp ages, its UV output degrades. While you can still use these spent lamps for mould, mildew and pest prevention in your vegetative rooms, do not use spent lamps in your flower room.


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