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Square Saucers

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  • Space saving compared with round saucers
  • Prevent run off flooding your room
  • Strong and durable
  • Available in a range of sizes

A Handwatering Essential

If you're hand watering and using square plant pots, these square saucers will be the perfect complement for your garden, helping you to use space efficiently.

Square pots can tessellate much better than round pots, so you can get more footprint under your lights filled with plants – perfect for short varieties or techniques that implement a high density of short plants such as Sea of Green technique.

In Soil or Coco, it’s recommended to water until 20% run off to ensure the entire medium is wet. Without plant pot saucers under your plant pots, this run off would simply flood your floor each time you water.

Once you’ve finished watering, the run-off will collect in the saucer for easy removal. Remove the water from the saucer as plants should never be allowed to sit in run off. This water should not be reused.

The Saucers are Strong, robust and UV resistant so they’ll last years of service before having to replace them.

Consult the table below to see which saucer is suitable for each pot. If you’re purchasing these for existing pots, make sure the inner diameter of the saucer is larger than your pots base. The outer diameter will determine how many you can fit in your space.

Plant Pot Saucer Inner Dimension (cm) Outer Dimension (cm) Suiting Square Pot
(up to)
21 cm Square Saucer 15 21 0.5L - 6.5L
25 cm Square Saucer 18 25 11L
30.5 cm Square Saucer
21 30.5 18L
33.5 cm Square Saucer
24.5 33.5 25L

If you’re after a larger solution for holding your pots, take a look at our Round Plant Pot Saucers that are available up to 52 cm in diameter. We also have Garland Trays that can contain multiple plant pots at once.