Scissors and Tapes

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Scissors are an essential for every grow room - from setting up a garden to harvest, keeping scissors on-hand will prevent you rummaging through your toolbox and allow you to get the job done right. We find that most customers have some tape on hand for patching over problems as they arise during a cycle, as it’s often out of the question to start changing equipment in a room full of plants, when a simple length of duct tape will do the job until the room is free and a more permanent fix can be implemented. For more info on scissors and tapes and how to use them in your indoor garden, read our buyers guide below.

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Buyer's Guide

Scissors and Tapes

We supply a range of types of tape that can be used for different applications, including attaching equipment and sealing gaps between reflective sheeting to make the most out of every photon of light your grow lights produce. We also stock a range of scissors that can really help you out throughout your grow - especially come harvest time.

Trimming Scissors

We stock a number of types of Scissors, otherwise known as Pruners, Shears and Clippers that are all suitable for different purposes. Don’t use super-fine scissors on your branches as you’ll dull your scissors.

HydroFarm Mini Clippers

HydroFarm’s mini clippers are perfect for transporting due to their conveniently small size, allowing you to keep them in your pocket when not in use. Due to the streamlined profile of these scissors, you can really get amongst your plants for defoliation, allowing you to stick your hand with the scissors right into any bushy area whilst maintaining precision.

HydroFarm Bonsai Shears

Bonsai shears are similar to traditional scissors, relying entirely on the users hand movements to open and close the blade. Some people prefer springless scissors as they find them to cause less fatigue in the hand. Other gardeners prefer sprung scissors, so it just depends on your personal preference as to which scissor is ‘best’.

HydroFarm Curved Blade Precision Pruner

The HydroFarm Curved Blade Precision Pruners are quickly gaining popularity amongst our customers due to the curved blade which allows for a tighter profiling of flowers and fruit whilst simultaneously allowing the user to cut more leaves each pass.

Chikamasa Bonsai Scissors

Spring-loaded, straight blade Chikamasa scissors are one of our best sellers. Chikamasas are robust, sturdy and reliable and that’s why customers keep coming back for more. Chikamasas feature an all metal construction, stainless steel sharp & fine blades with a light spring to reduce hand strain. The Rolls Royce of manual hand trimming.

Bonsai Hero Scissors

A premium trimming option, bonsai hero scissors are all- electric, automated scissors that will quickly and efficiently help you with all your trimming duties. The time to complete tasks can be greatly reduced by using bonsai trimmers, and your hands won’t get as fatigued as traditional options either!


In any environment, Tape is used to stick things together. This poses a task in the hot, humid environment of a grow room as the adhesive used on tapes is sensitive to heat and humidity and may unpeel over time. Tape is used to seal ventilation components, ducting and to hang reflective sheeting on the walls of your grow space.

Brown Tape

Our brown tape is a cheap option for temporarily hanging things or keeping things together (e.g. taping screws to make sure you don't lose them.) It’s also a cost effective option for labeling your plants as you can write the name of the plant variety in permanent marker. Brown tape peels off leaving no residue.

Aluminium Tape

Aluminium tape is heat resistant so it’s perfect for horticultural environments. The reflective side reflects heat which prevents the adhesive heating up and unpeeling so it’ll stay stuck for as long as required. The aluminium side also reflects light so you’ll make the most of every photon you generate with your grow lights.

Orca Film Seam Tape

Orca Film Seam Tape is a premium tape designed for use with ORCA sheeting. Orca has reduced hotspots when compared to aluminium, diffusing the reflected light in all directions. You can use ORCA tape to cover the seams of normal reflective sheeting as well as ORCA.


While not a ‘sticky tape’ like the other options, PTFE can really help out in leaky hydroponic connections which would allow you to finish a cycle rather than fixing the issue there and then. If your running an active hydroponic system, we recommend having a roll of PTFE tape on hand and ready for exactly when you need it.

If you’ve got more questions about scissors and tapes get in touch with our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 or email us as we can advise you on the benefits of the different types of scissors and tapes and help you use them.