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Digilight Daylight 315w CMH Horizon Light Kit

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  • Complete 315w CDM lighting kit wide angle reflector.
  • Spreads light over a 2.4 x 1.2m footprint.
  • Perfect as a supplementary light.
  • Electrically efficient CDM bulb.
  • Even light spread increases uniformity.
  • Your choice of bulb: 942 blue or 930 red.
  • Produces a full spectrum of light.
  • 1.9 umol/s per watt of electricity – extremely efficient.
  • Excellent PAR levels.
  • Plug and play for easy installation.
  • Silent running.

The Digilight daylight 315w horizon kit uses a Ceramic Metal Halide (CDM/ CMH/ LEC) bulb to deliver a full spectrum of light to your plants. We ship your choice of Philips MASTERColour bulb with these kits, that produces a white light very similar to the sun, including UV rays which will shorten internodal distance at the start of flower and increase quality towards the end of a cycle. You can choose between a red (930) and a blue (942) bulb – both have a high colour rendering index (CRI) and produce light similar to the sun.

With a CRI of 93, the light produced by these bulbs is extremely close to the spectrum of sunlight we receive. This balanced light will produce additional lateral branches, smaller internodal spacing, a larger root system and more, larger flowering sites. The 942 (blue) bulb is suited for vegetative growth whilst the 930 (red) bulb is suited for floral growth. A mix of the two bulbs in rooms with multiple fixtures will always have better results than a room using one type.

The Horizon reflector is purposely developed as a supplementary light which spreads over a 2.4m x 1.2m footprint, so it’s perfect to use in between your existing lighting, adding colours from the spectrum that can improve results in terms of final quality. The graph below shows the illumination levels over a 1.m x 2.4m footprint.

illumination levels from a CMD 315w and wide angle reflector over a 1.2 x 2.4m2 area

The connect model is a compact unit that allows the ballast to be directly attached to the reflector. It’s attractive, compact and the fact the ballast and reflector are joined means it’s easy to install, take down or move.

We recommend using this lamp kit as a supplementary light between two HPS bulbs with the 942 (blue) bulb to supplement the blue end of the spectrum that’s lacking with HPS lamps. When you use the horizon reflector, your plants will be illuminated from several angles which is akin to plants that are grown outside because the sun passes through the sky, lighting different angles of the plant as it does so. More points of light mean less shade, and the plants won’t just be receiving light from the top but along their length, allowing the flowering sites further down the plant to properly develop.

We find that an increasing number of growers are switching their flower rooms and tents over to 315w CDM lights with focus reflectors and removing existing 600w HPS fixtures. 315w CDM units are much more efficient, produce less heat, can be placed closer to the canopy and produce a rounded spectrum of light than traditional 600w fixtures. All these benefits of CDM fixtures over traditional lighting lead to larger, higher quality yields. If using these CDM lights exclusively, use a 930 agro bulb that has more reds in the spectrum, promoting heavier flowers and fruiting sets. Both varieties of replacement bulbs can be found here

If you’re using CDM lights exclusively, it may be beneficial to utilize a shade that reflects light downwards rather than throwing it evenly across the room like the horizon does. Have a look at our other MaxiBright 315w Digilight Kit with supernova shade if you require greater penetration through your canopy– the supernova reflects produced light directly down onto your plants, in an even, uniform rectangular footprint – just like a normal lighting fixture but with all the benefits of CDM bulbs.

You can run a maxibright Digilight daylight connect reflector with the ballast outside the grow-space, all you need is an extra IEC extension lead with one male IEC and one female IEC at either end. Make sure you get a length of cable that’s long enough to reach from where your light is to where you want to place your ballasts.

When you first switch on your 315w lighting kit, make sure you leave it on for at least 15 minutes to let the mix of metals inside the lamp properly fuse. Failure to properly ‘bed’ your lamp will result in the warranty being voided and could lead to the lamp failing.

If you’re having trouble installing your lamp into the reflector, make sure that it’s around the correct way as one of the connections is a different shape, preventing the lamp from being installed incorrectly.