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Bubble tubing per metre

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  • Perfect for DIY systems; extremely variable.
  • Produces a fine, even bubble wall.
  • Can be made into any shape required
  • Rugged finish.

Bubble tube, otherwise known as porous pipe, can be utilised in several different self-made systems. If the bubble tubing is driven with air, the small holes in the pipe allow some of this air out in small bubbles along the entire length of pipe. If the bubble tubing is driven with a submersible pump in a reservoir, the holes allow for drip irrigation along the pipe.


Bubble tubing is a cost-effective solution to your aeration or drip irrigation needs! Bubble tubes are so versatile that you can create aeration precisely where it’s needed.


If your using the tube as an irrigation solution, you can run a length of pipe through each row of plants and the tube will drip nutrient solution down the entire length. This will allow you to irrigate without the use of drippers in soil and hydroponic applications.


How to use

Bubble tubing is more brittle than normal pipe; you should be careful not to over bend it, instead using Tee’s and elbows if a greater than 90-degree angle is required.


When installing bubble tube as an aerator, you should run it beneath the water-line with normal, non-permeable air line tubing, connected with a 4mm tee.


When creating your own bubble emitter with this tubing, you should use Tee’s rather than straight connectors to maintain an even pressure through the piping, ensuring a uniform distribution of bubbles. A single tee and 20cm of bubble tubing can create a ring bubble emitter but more complex shapes can also be created with the use of more fittings. You can also vary the amount of pipe used to make larger or smaller rings.


If you intend on using the pipe as an irrigation solution, you should not use stop-ends as the pressure will not be consistent across the pipe. Instead you should use Tee’s to maintain an even distribution of nutrient solution throughout the length.

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