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Button Compensating Drippers

Button Compensating Drippers

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  • Button Compensating Drippers deliver a known volume
  • Used with a pump to pressurise feed lines
  • Use with a feed duration controller for the ultimate control
  • Grow bigger, stronger plants with controlled feeding

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What Are Button Compensating Drippers?

The purpose of the Button Compensating Drippers is to deliver a set amount of water to your plants. The drippers work under pressure, so you'll need to pump your water/nutrient solution and measure how much the drippers are delivering over a set time.

Timed Feeds

It's recommended that you use a feed duration controller to control the timing and frequency that the pump runs, depending on your individual requirements.

Calibrated Feeding

The Button Compensating Drippers are calibrated to deliver a set volume of nutrient solution or water at 1 BAR of pressure. The higher the pressure at the Button Compensating Dripper, the more volume they'll allow through. The lower the pressure at the Button Compensating Dripper, the less volume they'll allow through.

Using a dripper to feed a known volume allows you to easily understand how much feed and water you're delivering to your plants at every feed cycle.

Volume Versus Pressure

These button compensating drippers are a great solution for any type of crop, whether you're growing inside or outside. Suitable for greenhouses and for all those situations where a measured volume of water/nutrient solution is required.

The following table shows the volume versus pressure relationship for the 4-litre and 8-litre per hour button compensating drippers at certain pressures.

Dripper Pressure (bar)
0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5
4 l/h (Green) l/ph 3.0 4.03 4.85 5.56 6.17 6.74 7.72
8 l/h (Red) 5.9 8.2 10.19 11.76 13.2 14.47 15.52


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