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Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller

Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller

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  • The controller can be used with just about any feed drip system, but is recommended for use with Wilma, Ebb & Flood, and Flo-Gro systems
  • Growers who opt to upgrade to the superia Imperium controller can set a larger number of shorter feeds. For example instead of feeding for 15 minutes 2 timers per day they can feed for 5 minutes 6 times a day


Need even more nutrient control than ever before? Check out the Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller!

If you’re looking for precision, finely-tuned but oh-so-simple dynamic nutrient control, the Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller may be the device for you. It uses an integrated Grasslin segmental timer that can be set to run from nearly any length between one second and fifteen minutes. This bespoke crop nutrient management tool is paramount in any irrigation system and allows you to water plants for exact amounts of time, so you can easily monitor results and adapt your strategy as your plant goes through its lifecycle.

Whether you want to feed little or often, with the Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller you’ll easily maximize your yields and allow use of any oxygen rich media such as a Coco/Clay 50/50 Mix that would normally dry out without more regular feeds.


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