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Canna Cannazym

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  • A high-quality enzyme product that speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and activates beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Helps plants take up nutrients and increases the resistance against diseases. Enzymes are substances that speed up the reactions in living organisms.
  • Improves the soil environment. A fast breakdown of root remains creates a balanced hydrological regime and good aeration in the root environment.
  • They help form new roots. The easy-to-absorb vitamins in CANNAZYM also stimulate the plant to form new roots, increasing the health of the plant.
  • Suitable for all mediums

Increased Health for your root environment

CANNAZYM is a high-quality product made from more than 12 different enzymes, vitamins and extracts - all of which help the uptake of nutrients, increase resistance against disease and improve aeration in the root environment.

If you're planning on reusing substrates for growing new plants you'll need to break down the dead roots as these are an ideal playground for harmful moulds that stress new plants and stunt their growth. CANNAZYM does just that, turning the dead roots into minerals and sugars that are then absorbed as nutrients by the plants.

Pathogenic Organism Threat

When roots are functioning properly, old roots die and new roots are formed. The dead root material provides a source of nutrition for pathogenic organisms which can proliferate and pose a threat to nearby healthy roots. When nearby healthy roots do get infected, the entire plant can get stressed, causing stunted growth.

The enzymes in cannazym facillitate conversion of dead root material into minerals and vitamins that can easily be uptaken by the plant. This removes the source of nutrition for the pathogenic organisms, reducing the risk of infection.

In simple terms new roots means increased health for your plants. And like all Canna products CANNAZYM is simple to use, making it a healthy addition to your plant's growth cycle.

Cannazym also contains a substance isolated from desert plants which stimulate the plants defence system, allowing it to respond quickly to any attack, limiting or preventing damage

How to Use

Cannazym can be used through all stages of a plants growth, right up until harvest alongside your normal nutrient range.

When using Cannazym, products that contain peroxides (liquid oxygen, silver bullet) should not be used as the bleach can kill the beneficial microbes.

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