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Ducting Reducers

Ducting Reducers

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  • Ideal way of connecting different sizes ventilation components
  • Ducting Reducers are available in a range of sizes
  • Make sure to order the correct size.
  • Can be fitted to large or small fans.


Plants require fresh air to facilitate their growth as they use the CO2 in air in their metabolic processes but commercially available set-ups of the same size fan filter and ducting are not the most suitable option for every garden.

Carbon filters can be fitted to large or small fans by using reducers, and the Ducting Reducers we stock are available in a range of sizes depending on the size of your fans and the airflow required in your environment. As long as your fan is rated a lower volume per hour than your carbon filter, the filter will be able to deal with the airflow.

A reducer is also useful if you only want to make a small hole in your building's wall for air extraction; A large circumference fan can be reduced to a smaller diameter ducting..

You can pair ventilation pieces together to acheive whatever solution is required for your indoor garden - Please bear in mind that pressure can affect the performance of your fan by reducing the amount of air it can move.

Whenever you decide to use reducers you should always check measurements carefully so you don't waste time and money by ordering the wrong size.

Durable and strong; our reducers are manufactuered by Lindab in the UK to EU standards. High quality welds and mastic means no air leaks.

if you can't find the exact size you're looking for, purchase two reducers and connect them together.

Pressed aluminium concentric ducting reducer, available in:

125mm to 100mm / 5inch to 4inch

150mm to 100mm / 6inch to 4inch

200mm to 100mm / 8inch to 4inch

150mm to 125mm / 6inch to 5inch

200mm to 125mm / 8inch to 5inch

200mm to 150mm / 8inch to 6inch

200mm to 315mm / 8inch to 12inch

250mm to 150mm / 10inch to 6inch

250mm to 200mm / 10inch to 8inch

250mm to 355mm / 10inch to 14inch

315mm to 250mm / 12inch to 10inch

315mm to 355mm / 12inch to 14inch


Cable Length 2.5M

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