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Flexi Tank Pro

Flexi Tank Pro

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  • Reflective and light tight
  • Ultra-strong fabric with reinforced stitches
  • Anti-tip design
  • Internal capacity markings
  • Simple assembly in minutes
  • All fittings included
  • Range of sizes to suit any garden


The Flexi Tank Pro’s reflective and light-tight skin beautifully disguises an extremely rugged, fully collapsible design within. Being collapsible means it hardly takes up any room when not in use. It requires no tools to assemble or take down.

Concealed tank supports add neat edges to the proven, ultra-strong, ultra-practical Flexi Tank design. The sleek design will look at home anywhere, whether you decide to have your reservoir in or outside of your growing environment.

Flexi Tank Pro's have several benefits over standard Flexi Tanks;

  • Less prone to temperature increases as the white reflective outer stops heat being absorbed by the water. Micro-organisms that cause issues such as root rot thrive when your nutrient solution goes above 20 degrees, using a Flexi Tank Pro will reduce the amount that your room heats the solution, reducing the chances of issues like root rot.
  • Internal capacity markings make reading the volume of water much easier as the water level can quickly be gauged in order that you dose your nutrients according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

100l Flexi Tank Pro:

Dimensions (when filled with water): 48.5cm dia x 70cm high

Box size and weight: 51 x 51 x 13cm / 3.4kg

225l flexi tank pro:

Dimensions (when filled with water): 58.5cm dia x 85cm high

Box size and weight: 61 x 61 x 13cm / 5.3kg

400l Flexi Tank Pro

Dimensions (when filled with water): 73.5cm dia x 105cm high

Box size and weight: 76 x 76 x 13cm / 7.1kg

How to use:

We recommend using the Flexi Tank Pro with Iceline insulated tubing as this will help keep nutrient solutions at a cooler temperature.

Flexi tank Pro comes complete with all fittings, if you need to upgrade an existing system using a standard Flexi Tank, it’s really easy to swap out as all the fittings are the same across Flexi Tank's.


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