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Foldable plant support

Foldable plant support

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  • Provides support throughout growth, flower and fruiting.
  • Prevents branches leaning from the weight of yields.
  • Keeps flowers and fruit upright.
  • Available in 2 sizes; 75cm and 120cm.
  • Folds flat for easy storage.
  • Robust and reusable.


Protect your crop from its own weight!

Plant support is essential for most growers; If you’ve done a good job throughout growth and bloom, the branches will start to get weighed down just before harvest, when fruits are at their largest. To let the plants properly continue to ripen, they must be under lights; this is where plant support comes in, providing additional structure to plants to stop them sagging or breaking.

Supporting plants also has the benefit of getting a more uniform canopy, so each plant will be receiving the same amount of light leading to more consistent, reliable results.

These supports are robust and durable due to their plastic coating. They will last years of service if used outside or in a hydroponic environment. You can even re-use these supports across crops but we recommend thoroughly cleaning them to ensure no issues are passed between cycles.

Individual plant supports like this are much easier to work with when compared to nets that encompass several plants. You can still move the plants around the room and easily rotate plants for more uniform growth. When nets are used, the plants will stay in that configuration until harvest and it can make inspection harder.

The supports get wider the further up the supports you go; this conical design suits the natural growth of fruiting annuals well.

How to use:

unfold the legs into an evenly spaced tri-pod, you can then vertically adjust the circular rings to suit the height of your plant. The legs have spikes on the bottom which allow you to easily push the legs into a substrate.

The smallest diameter of pot the 120cm support will fit into is 11cm, while the smallest the 75cm support will fit is 7cm. It’s recommended to use in pots larger than 15L, as plants in pots smaller than this are unlikely to grow plants large enough to require support.

While you can use the support as a standalone product, we recommend using it I conjunction with twisty ties so that the branches stay where you put them.


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