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White Deicing Salt - 15kg Bag

White Deicing Salt - 15kg Bag

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  • Available in 15 kg bags
  • Works to help keep walkways and drives clear of ice and snow
  • Great value and easy to handle
  • Perfect to use with a Twist and Thaw Salt Spreader

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What is White Deicing Salt?

The White Deicing Salt is perfect for using with the Twist and Thaw Salt Spreader. Together they help keep your pathways, drives, and any walkways around your home or workplace, clear of ice this winter.

Available in 15 kg bags, means this Deicing salt provides you with great value, but in small enough bags to comfortably handle.

Wear Protective Gloves

Protective gloves are an invaluable tool for handing bags of salt and grits in the cold and wet of winter. They help to provide additional grip and protect your hands. They'll also help to keep the cold off.

If you want the ultimate in working gloves, the Kent and Stowe fleece lined leather gardening gloves come highly recommended. These gloves mean you'll never have to feel that icy pinch ever again.

Get Winter-Ready with a Winter Care Kit

If you want the ultimate in ease and a great price, get this Winter Care Kit.

The Winter Care Kit bundle contains:

  • 1x Snow Shovel
  • 15kg of De Icing Salt
  • 1x Twist and Thaw Salt Applicator
  • 1x Windscreen Ice Scraper

The winter care kit bundle helps you to avoid unnecessary accidents around your home. Use the Snow Shovel to clear snow away, then salt your paths/driveway. Clearing the worst of the snow also helps you and your family to avoid walking a slushy mess through your busy front door.

This really simple kit has all the winter essentials that you'll need to keep your car windscreen and walkways ice and snow free when the cold snap hits.


Brand Peacock salt

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