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Gavita Master Controller EL1F & EL2F – Gen 2

Gavita Master Controller EL1F & EL2F – Gen 2

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  • Controls all your lights and extraction from one unit
  • Keeps logs of a variety of grow room variables
  • Intelligent PID fan control
  • Separate sunrise/sunset user defined settings
  • Crop safety – Auto Dim & Auto Shutdown
  • EL2 allows for independent light cycles across 2 rooms
  • 0-10V EC fan control
  • Easy Installation - Plug and Play

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Ultimate control of all your lights and ventilation

Both EL1F & EL2F Gen 2 models are improved over standard, gen 1 master controllers:

Intelligent PID Fan Control - The controller uses a self-learning AI that continuously makes corrections to get and keep your environment optimal.

0 – 10v EC Fan Control - The latest generation of fans to use EC technology which uses a lot less energy and produces less noise while maintaining power & torque.

Logging - Keep track of your high and low temperatures so you can take remedial action if temps drift out of optimal ranges. The controller also stores last auto-dim event, last shutdown protection event and last power loss event, as well as these it events date and time stamp.

Non Volatile Memory - Dependable memory to store your settings, like an elephant, the Gen 2 Gavita controllers will never forget.

Separate Sunrise & Sunset Control - The sunrise and sunset feature can slowly ramp up or down the intensity of your lights over a user-defined period. The gradual change in output reduces the swing in temperature and humidity meaning less shock and stress to plants, as well as a reduced chance of botrytis (blossom rot) as less condensation will form on fruit.

Independent Programmable External Contactor Modules (ECM) - The EL2F gives the grower the ultimate in flexible integration by allowing the contactor modules to be separately programmed, this means different light fixtures can be used in the same room – most used when Growers want to supplement with CMH lighting.

Along with all of these great benefits of generation 2, many of the features from the gen 1 controllers have been carried across:

Safe to use

If the temperature goes above the optimal range, the auto-dim feature kicks in to reduce the output of lights – keeping plants alive in extreme conditions. The Gen 2 master controllers can also sense if the extraction fails and it can shut off lights before temperatures become an issue, saving crops with no user input.

The control signal is a safe, analogue and low voltage signal, and the controller is protected from signal shortcuts in the wiring. Wiring faults will not kill your controller.

The EL2F offers you alarm contacts (NO and NC) to seamlessly integrate your controller in your alarm and monitoring systems. Whenever there is a calamity (power outage, emergency shutdown or sensor failure) the alarm contacts will switch, notifying you of the fact that somethings gone wrong and you must take action.


Each output channel can control up to 40 fixtures by itself or up to 500 fixtures per channel with repeater bus e series fixtures. That’s a total of 1000 lights, exceeding even commercial users.

Good looking

Compact yet robust. The unit is sleek and will fit into any grow room. Gone are cluttered controllers with loads of different buttons, the Gavita controllers are really user friendly with only a few buttons.

Gavita Master Controller EL1F & EL2F – Gen 2 Technical Specifications:

Master Controller EL1F - Gen 2 Master Controller EL2F - Gen 2
Lighting control channels 1 2
Lighting control 50-115% 50-115%
Max Repeater Bus fixtures
500 1000
Max Single Bus fixtures 10 watts 20 watts
Auto-dim/Auto-shutdown 40* 80*
Temperature calibration
Inverse channels (flip/flop)
ECM interface
Alarm contacts 2, nc / no
EC Fan control outputs 1 2
Fan control range 10-100% 10-100%
Maximum number of fans 2 4
External Fan control Module (EFM1)
Fan Balancer (FB1) 1 2
External Contactor Module (ECM1)
B200 booster (max. 3 per port) 3 6


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