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Grow it Half Seed Tray - Pack of 10

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  • Half-size lets you sow more variety in the same space
  • Stable for efficient storage and neat potting/propagation table
  • Strong, lightweight and reusable
  • Trays measure 23 x 17.5 x 5.5 cm
  • Use for sowing seeds and propagating cuttings

What is The Grow it Half Seed Tray - Pack of 10?

This 10-pack of half seed trays is ideal for starting your favourite crops and flower seeds. Use with the Grow It Half Seed Tray Lid to turn the seed trays in to a propagator. You can also take your growing outside and use these seed trays in the Grow it Premium 4 Tier Compact Growhouse.

The half-size allows you to sow smaller volumes of seeds for home use. They also allow you to sow more varieties of seeds and use up less space in your propagation area.

These strong and lightweight half-size seed trays measure 23cm x 17.5cm x 5.5cm and are for starting seeds and propagating cuttings.

The seed trays are stackable for effective space-saving between uses. Raised drainage holes allow for ideal soil moisture content.

Seed trays are essential for any home-grower that wants to give seedlings the best start. Half-size seed trays let you sow a manageable amount of seeds to fill your beds.

These stackable seed trays allow for an efficient and organised potting station or propagation area. You can use them over and over. Simply clean with a stiff brush to clean for sowing season after season.

Garden tip:

  • When sowing seeds, use a seed & cutting compost and lightly sprinkle your seeds so they cover the surface, but overcrowd each other. Sprinkle a thin layer of vermiculite on top, then plunge the tray in a shallow dish of water to soak the compost for around 20 minutes.
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