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GrowDog Structural Silicon

GrowDog Structural Silicon

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  • Orthosilicic acid boosts your plant's cellular structure
  • Stronger, healthier plants with better internal structures
  • Increased ability to deal with environmental stresses
  • Increased pest resistance
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Increased final yields

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What is GrowDog Structural Silicon?

GrowDog Structural Silicon uses Orthosilicic acid to boost your plant's structure. Orthosilicic acid is a fast-acting, bioavailable silicon that stimulates cellular structures. Silicon (Si) is naturally abundant all over the earth’s crust. Silicon for plants is considered a beneficial element.

Feeding your plants GrowDog Structural Silicon works to thicken cell walls. It builds stronger cellular bonds and structures to turbo boost your plant's natural cycles. You'll see thicker stems and enjoy increased mechanical support.

With GrowDog Structural Silicon, your plant's can uptake nutrients and photosynthesise over a wider temperature range. They can deal with pests and environmental stress better.

Using GrowDog Structural Silicon helps you to grow bigger, healthier plants with greater yield potential. Your growing parameters are wider. If you're serious about your plants, you'll be adding this to your basket right away.

What are the Benefits of Silicon For Plants?

Use GrowDog Structural Silicon throughout the life cycle of your plants.

Plants bolstered with bioavailable silicon can operate over increased parameters.

Without Silicon

If the growroom temperature rises above 35C, photosynthesis decreases and your plants stop turning food into energy. They don’t have access to the water they need for it - too much is lost through transpiration (sweating).

With Silicon

With silicon strengthening cell walls, plants continue to move water at higher temperatures. Also, the rate of transpiration drops. This means plants can continue turning food into energy.

Result of Using GrowDog Structural Silicon?

Using GrowDog Structural Silicon results in stronger plants with better internal structures:

  • Your plants have increased efficiency at the plant/soil interface, through better nutrient uptake.
  • Your plants have increased ability to deal with environmental stresses and pest resistance.
  • Your plants are stronger with thicker trunk and stems (hench).

Your plants will perform much better when you feed GrowDog Structural Silicon. We know your plants will do ok without it, but with it, you’ll enjoy:

  • Bigger plants
  • Larger yields
  • Stronger plants
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Better environmental stress and pest resistance
  • Photosynthesis is possible at higher temperatures

Feeding Structural Silicon helps plants produce stronger roots, thicker stems and branches. Plants can photosynthesise at higher temperatures. Stronger plants have much better environmental, disease and pest resistance. Your plants are better prepared to react to environmental changes, like:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind tolerance

Feeding the range of GrowDog liquid nutrients with Structural Silicon helps to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

Bioavailable silicon enhances growth with improved cellular structures.

How Do I Use GrowDog Structural Silicon?

Use the following directions to use GrowDog Structural Silicon:

  1. 1. Shake well before use.
  2. 2. Fill your reservoir with dechlorinated water before adding nutrients.
  3. 3. Stir in 0.2 ml/litre of GrowDog Structural Silicon to your reservoir.
  4. 4. Add and stir in equal amounts of GrowDog Mighty Minerals A&B to your reservoir.
  5. 5. Adjust your pH and EC to your desired levels.
  6. 6. Refer to the GrowDog feed chart for the growing medium you're using.

Growdog Feed chart

The GrowDog feed chart's are easy to follow. They outline the exact ratios that you need to feed your plants at every stage of their growth. Choose your system's feed chart below and start optimising how you feed your plants today:

Why Do I Need The GrowDog Feed Chart?

The feed chart's provide you with a week-by-week roadmap and simple mixing instructions. All mixing ratios are shown in maximum recommended milliliter per litre (ml/l) with recommended pH.

GrowDog feed chart's give you the same level of information that professionals have. The modular plan provides you with a tried and tested nutrient and additive combination aimed at optimising every stage of your plant's growth for better results.

GrowDog Minerals A & B

GrowDog Mighty Minerals A & B provides optimal nutrient absorption by offering high value minerals with natural chelates, essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

GrowDog Additives

GrowDog additives are formulated to work in harmony with Mighty Minerals to enhance the nourishment your plants get. They work right through the life cycle to boost growth rates and increase final yields.

Getting the Best Results from GrowDog

For the best results, use the full GrowDog nutrient range or a handy GrowDog starter pack with a suitable GrowDog soil or coco growing medium and Air Pruner pots.

The range of highly-concentrated GrowDog liquid nutrients and additives readily mix with your reservoir water. This makes them highly suited to any automated or manual watering system.

Depending on your growing method, use the GrowDog feed chart's to tailor your feeding regime throughout the plant’s life cycle. Optimal feeding with GrowDog A & B feeds alongside the range of GrowDog additives will help to promote explosive growth and add more yield:

What Nutrients and Boosters are Available in The Growdog Range?

The GrowDog range of nutrients and boosters is purpose-built for growers, from hobbyists to large scale commercial applications. The range provides consistent and reliable results grow after grow. GrowDog liquid nutrients and boosters are compatible with any growing method.

Mighty Minerals

Mighty Minerals is a complete, concentrated professional A & B plant feed. It provides all the essential nutrients required for optimal growth throughout the life cycle of your plant.

Mighty Minerals high-tech formula saves you money as it combines Grow and Bloom nutrients to simplify creating a complete feed for your plants:

  • Grow - High levels of nitrogen encourages rapid leaf and shoot development in fast growing annuals
  • Bloom -Tailored levels of phosphorous and potassium support fruit and flower production

Rugged Roots

Rugged Roots is a scientifically balanced formula that increases microbial activity to encourage plants to form thick, healthy roots. Use throughout the grow and bloom phases of your plant’s life cycle. The unique formula contains fulvic, humic and amino acids with bio stimulants to promote root and plant growth.

Rugged Roots provides improved value with its highly concentrated formula, developed by some of the industries finest scientific minds. GrowDog additives are tailored for soil, coco and hydro growing.

Exotic Enzymes

Exotic enzymes prevent root pathogens by breaking decaying organic material down to simple nutrients for the plant to recycle as food. Use throughout the growth and bloom phases of your plant’s life cycle.

Enzymatic digestion processes work to remove dead roots and decaying plant matter, improving root-zone aeration for plants grown in soil and coco coir. The improvement to your substrate structure allows you to feed more aggressively with improved potential final yields.

  • A unique blend of high-quality enzymes, formulated to support beneficial microorganisms, root health and plant health.
  • Most other enzyme products on the market contain bacteria or fungal spores, which secrete enzymes. Exotic Enzymes comes with readily available active enzymes, which work direct from the bottle.

Phenomenal PK

Phenomenal PK provides improved value with its highly concentrated nutrient formula, developed by some of the industries finest scientific minds. This PK booster stimulates natural chemical changes to increase flower density, fruit size and overall quality. Additional sulphur aids increased terpene and essential oil production. Use Phenomenal PK in the mid-to-late bloom stage of your plant’s life cycle to boost final yields.

Botanical Boost

Botanical Boost is a flowering booster. Improved plant metabolism and increased nutrient uptake results in improved essential oils with reduced internodal spacing for more flowers and higher quality fruit. Use in the bloom phase of your plant’s life cycle.

A highly concentrated formula provides improved value against its competitors, with approximate 50% dilution rate improvements. A bottle of potent Botanical Boost saves you money by making up to twice as much flowering booster with zero difference in performance.

Supercharge Growth - Feed the Right Mix of Nutrients and Additives

The GrowDog feed chart makes feeding easy. They help you to improve your plant's performance. They provide you with the information to feed the optimum nutrient and booster ratios for every stage of growth.

The Mighty Minerals A & B formula provides the optimum nutrient absorption throughout the growth of your plant. It offers readily available high value minerals with natural chelates, essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. In addition, including the GrowDog range of additives as outlined, works to supercharge performance by providing enhanced nourishment right through the life cycle, boosting growth rates and final yields.


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