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House & Garden Trace Mix Supplement

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  • Trace elements regulate and facilitate the plant's metabolism.
  • Without these important minerals, the plant cannot develop properly and growth will slow. Trace Mix supplements this deficiency and also contains enzymes and vitamins which act as a catalyst to growth.
  • Trace Mix can be applied in two ways either directly into your nutrient solution as a preventive against deficiencies in your plant or as a corrective procedure use as a foliar spray.

Many commercial growers and keen gardeners aim for vigorous, aggressive growth. Whilst effective in the short term, faster growing plants can become deficient in some of the key nutrients that are essential for long-term healthy development. Why not have the best of both worlds, quickly growing plants that have all the important trace nutrients? This is exactly what House & Garden Trace Mix Supplement gives you – packed full with a broad array of key minerals, enzymes and vitamins, nutrients that are crucial for healthy development and what many quickly-growing plants lack. Avoid common problems such as chlorosis, which causes a yellowing of the leaves, and ensure your crop is adequately supplied with those trace nutrients that make all the difference! This versatile product can be used directly with your nutrient solution or as a foliar liquid spray.

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