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HydroTops Top Heavy Crop

HydroTops Top Heavy Crop

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  • Enhances and optimises cellular division and physiological function in your plants
  • Protein mechanisms and carbohydrate metabolism are positively stimulated
  • Expect to produce a very bushy plant, a shorter vegetative growth period, with an increase in yield and crop quality


Make your fruit and flowers the best they can be!

HydroTops Top Heavy Crop (125ml makes a huge 250 litres!) is a 100% natural flowering additive. This organic complex provides an unbelievable range of benefits – after all, why waste time producing vegetation when it's yield you really want?

This clever compound encourages your plants to avoid a long, drawn-out vegetative growth stage and get straight to the important part - producing more flowers and heavier crops. Don't worry about any loss of quality either - flowers smell just as good and fruit is just as sweet!

Manufactured to exceptional standards, HydroTops Top Heavy Crop is loved by gardeners all over the country and seen as an essential part of every growers' armoury. For greater yields, better tasting fruit and deliciously scented flowers, Top Heavy Crop is the product to use.

Use in conjunction with the hydrotops range following the feed schedule for best results


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