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Origin Pots

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  • Manufactured from strong, durable plastic
  • Reusable many times
  • Fit in the corresponding tank for the size of pot

What Are Origin Pots?

The Origin Premium Pots are made from high quality black plastic, making them extra tough and capable of withstanding wear and tear.

These are ideal pots for use in an Origin hydroponics system, for example the XXL Origin System, which is suitable for larger, 18 litre or 25 litre pots or smaller 6 litre or 11 litre pots. The Origin System provides automated, timer-based feeding and watering and you can use the Premium Origin Pots with any kind of growing medium, so they're also suitable for traditional gardening. If soil is preferred or coco then the pots can accommodate these as well as clay pebbles or rockwool.

  • High quality black plastic pots.
  • Ideal for use in a Origin Hydroponics System.
  • Available in 6, 11, 18 or 25 litre variants.