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New Millenium Fulvic #$%

New Millenium Fulvic #$%

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  • Catalyses the processes of elemental transfer within the plant.
  • Reduces salt build-up without raising EC
  • Conditions water and rhizosphere for optimal nutrient uptake
  • Can be used throughout the growing cycle with no detrimental effect.
  • Promote vigour during all phases of plant development


Increase yields (#), Stronger ROI ($) and Better overall quality (%)

Ruby Ful#$% is rumoured and humored to encourage plants efforts’ to increase yields (#), produce higher ROI ($), and enhance overall quality (%).

This super-complex natural growth enhancer is a growers favourite as the uses seem to be limitless without detrimental effect… no matter what stage of plant growth.

Don’t be fooled by the NPK value, ful#$% is a lot more than a base nutrient. Officially registered as a Molybdenum fertilizer, new millenium’s ful#$%’s proprietary mix will help you maximise the quality of harvest.

Fulvic acids are a complex decomposition product of organic matter and currently has no method of synthesis other than natural processes. Fulvics increase solubility of elements in a nutrient solution through the process of chelation; the element is surround by the fulvic compound like a claw. The plant’s roots can easily uptake these compounds and can easily break the chain to release elements it needs. The fulvic compound can then be recycled to transport by-products to be excreted at the roots.

How to use New Millennium Fulvic #$%

Shake Well before use

Dilute in water at a rate of 5 to 10mL per gallon (1 - 2.5ml per Litre) during all stages of growth except for the pre-harvest flush


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