Vegetative Boosters

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Veg Boosters describe any additional nutrients, hormones or enzymes added to a plant before flower that isn’t a ‘base’ nutrient, while the plant is still focused on foliar development, stem production and growth. Plants require more nitrogen during their vegetative period and the gardener's focus should be on development of the plant both above and below the ground- in terms of foliage growth and profuse, healthy growth of the roots.For more info on Veg boosters, read the Buyers Guide below.

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Buyer's Guide

Vegetative Boosters

We stock a number of products that can aid you during your plants vegetative growth which builds a better plant in terms of structure, internodal distance, strength and resistance. Only on strong foundations can large buildings be developed. There are several types of veg booster that all carry out or enhance different processes for the plant.


Silicates provide strength to the structures of plants like stems and leaves - often resulting in visually thicker stems, leaves and a stronger plant overall. While soil does contain some silicon that’s available to plants, benefits can be seen from silicon in all systems.

Root Focus

Many vegetative boosters focus on root development and growth as the roots are where the plant derives much of its nutrition from so if your roots are in good shape the plant will be able to uptake more nutrients and water increasing your final yields.

Stress relievers

Stress relievers do what they say - reducing the amount of stress a plant feels for a few days after application. These types of veg boosters are particularly useful during any transplants as the reduced stress will allow your plants to get used to their new home quicker and so will resume their growth faster.

Foliar Sprays

Foliar sprays can be standalone products or a mix of several types of feed - they can be used to treat specific deficiencies and are particularly useful during veg as you can’t spray flowers or fruit due to the chances of mould.

Trace elements, Amino Acids & Enzymes

This class of vegetative booster aids the plant in completing its metabolic processes, whilst treating any micronutrient deficiencies. This also promotes increased growth speed in whatever system you’re using to grow.

You should only use one vegetative booster from each ‘class’ to avoid any chance of overdosing. Underfed plants are much more easy to treat than overfed plants.

If you’ve got more questions about Vegetative boosters or how to use them, get in touch with our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 or email us as we can advise you on our range of veg boosters based on your plant type, system requirements and budget.