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Ecothrive Charge

Ecothrive Charge

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  • 100% Organic Product - Approved by Soil Association
  • Made from insect frass which is taken from the larvae of Tenebrio Molitor beetles
  • The feed is also highly resistant to pests and disease
  • Balanced NPK ratio of 3-2-3.
  • Enriches and Conditions Media


The food we choose for our crops goes a long way to determining their success. Exhausted soil leads to bland, lifeless plants – it's as simple as that! Ecothrive Charge is designed to offer a powerful alternative. The 100% organic product is made from insect frass, taken from the larvae of Tenebrio Molitor beetles.

The beetles that are behind the production of Ecothrive Charge are fed a strict vegetarian and additive-free diet, comprising organic carrots and wheat bran. Not only does this maintain the integrity of the product, but it also promises consistency from one batch to the next. There are no live insects or eggs to worry about.

The beneficial abilities of the feed include enhanced root growth and function, as well as improved cycling of nutrients among your plants. Thanks to the high concentration of chitin derivatives, the feed is also highly resistant to pests and disease as the plants natural immune response is stimulated.

Ecothrive's Charge contains beneficial biology that biostimulates your plant for increased metabolic processes leading to speedy growth - release of 'chitin' makes the plant think its under attack from insects and boosts immune response in reaction to the ghost threat

Charge is completely organic with a balanced nutritional level of 3-2-3 NPK which is released over a 3-4 week period.

Can be used with Coco and Soil mixes - enriches and conditions media.

Extensive testing shows Ecothrive Charge grown plants are consistently stronger and larger than identical plants without charge.


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