Peckish Globe Window Feeder

Peckish Globe Window Feeder

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  • Suitable for small birds
  • Fixes securely to windows
  • Feed any mix of seeds and nuts
  • High quality, UV protected material

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What is Peckish Globe Window Feeder

The Peckish Globe Window Feeder is designed to attract smaller bird species to your garden. 2x suction feet make it easy to attach this Globe style feeder to a window.

Why Do I Need The Peckish Globe Window Feeder?

This feeder is easy to use and allows you to get closer to feeding birds. The small feeding entrance works to attract smaller bird species and allows you to fill it with any mix of Peckish feeds, such as complete seed and nut mix. 2x suction cups fix the feeder securely to any window, allowing you to get closer and watch the birds feeding. The feeder is made from high quality, UV protected materials.

Feeding Tips for the Peckish Globe Window Feeder


With modern intensive farming and agricultural methods, a birds natural food resources are scarcer. This makes it essential for us to help out, feeding birds all year round. Once you have started to feed the birds with a garden bird feeder, it is important to continue and develop a routine. Your local birds will become reliant on your help.


When you're feeding birds, it's just as important to maintain a supply of fresh, clean drinking water for drinking and bathing is also vital.

How Do I Keep My Peckish Globe Window Feeder Clean?

Regular cleaning will keep your Peckish Bird Feeder operational for longer. Depending on the seed mix you use, if moisture creeps in, some seed mixes will germinate and cause all sorts of feeding problems. To avoid moist seeds germinating, use Peckish No Grow Seed Mixes, which won't germinate due to the unique processing that keep the seeds nutrients in place, but stops them germinating. To maintain hygiene levels, regular cleaning of your feeders and drinking water/bathing stations is essential.

The following points will help you to maintain clean feeding and bathing stations:

  • Clean feeding and drinking areas regularly with a mild disinfectant
  • Keep food fresh and dry, removing any wet food to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases


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