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Plant Magic Hydro Base Nutrients

Plant Magic Hydro Base Nutrients

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  • Balanced nutrient profile to support strong, healthy growth
  • Impressive growth rates and yields
  • Specifically designed for hydroponic systems
  • Easy to use
  • Little PH adjustment required


In a pure hydro system?

Then look no further than Plant magic’s hydro base nutrients – they’re specially formulated for hydroponic methods of growing, supporting fast, healthy growth during the vegetative phase and large, impressive blooms during flower.

Plant magic’s hydroponic nutrients are formulated with the perfect NPK balance as well as enriched with secondary nutrients along with a full compliment of trace elements and is suitable for all types of hydroponic system or soil-less medium.

Plant Magic have analysed water samples from all over the UK in order to bring you a product which requires minimal pH adjustment. The range consists of Grow A+B and Bloom A+B for a simplified feed schedule.

Plant Magic Hydro Grow

Perfect nutrient profile for vegetative growth, supporting the healthy growth of leaves, stems and roots, setting the perfect structure for plants going into bloom.

Composition: NPK 3.4/ 3.3 / 5.5

Plant Magic Hydro Bloom

Plant magic have specifically designed their hydro bloom nutrient to promote fast growing, high yielding, healthy fruit and flowers come harvest time.

Composition: NPK 3.7 / 3.7 / 6.5

How to use plant magic hydro base nutrients:

Always shake well before use

Always add equal amounts of A & B separately to the required amount of water

Follow the Plant magic nutrient schedule for best results

As a guide, 1ml to 3ml per litre will give your target EC from the grow schedule (background water hardness will affect EC levels)

Mix in thoroughly and use calibrated measuring equipment to measure your EC values

Adjust pH to 5.5-6.0


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