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Round Plant Pots Taupe

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  • These are robust and durable round plant pots
  • Round plant pots provide excellent drainage
  • Come with numerous drainage holes
  • 100% recyclable in home collections
  • light-tight for strong root development
  • Made from carbon black-free recycled polypropylene
  • Identifiable by near infrared (NIR) recycling plant scanners

What Are Round Plant Pots Taupe?

Taupe coloured Round plant pots are a gardening essential. They're robust, durable, and last you season after season.

Round plant pots are perfect for all year-round use, providing excellent drainage for all your flowers, shrubs and vegetables.

More importantly, this new style of Taupe coloured round plant pot are fully recyclable.

What Is The Colour Taupe?

Taupe is a mushroom grey/brown colour.

Are Taupe Round Plant Pots Different to Black Round Plant Pots?

These modern taupe round plant pots are based on traditional round plant pots. They offer same dimensions with multiple drainage holes a light-tight root zone and are produced using the same tooling and moulds. The difference lies in modern eco-friendly carbon-free recyclable plastic. Modern ink designs means we can now produce fully recyclable eco-friendly round plant pots using a Taupe ink.

Can I Recycle Taupe Round Plant Pots?

Modern eco-friendly inks and the durable, carbon-free recyclable plastics used to produce these grey/taupe round plants pots means they are fully recyclable.

Taupe is a mushroom grey and brown mix colour which looks great as well as being light tight to protect your plants roots.

Garden tip: Taupe pots are made from carbon black-free recycled polypropylene they are identifiable by near infrared (NIR) scanners, so can be identified as recyclable by the sorting machines that sift through domestic waste.

How Do I Recycle Taupe Round Plant Pots?

Taupe round plants pots are really easy to recycle, simply put them out in your normal household plastic recycling.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Taupe Round Plant Pots?

Taupe round plant pots are made from durable, carbon black-free recycled polypropylene and are recyclable in most local recycling centres.

They have numerous drainage holes at the base for excellent soil drainage. Good drainage is critical for optimised plant growth and root development.

They're made from strong carbon-free recyclable copolymer plastic.

This allows the pots to be reused season after season, or when the young plants are planted/potted.

Other benefits include:

  • Economical and effective round recyclable plastic plant pots
  • Helps to ensure strong, healthy root development for your plants
  • Multiple drainage points for excellent drainage

If you don’t find the size of pot you’re after, you may be able to find the size in one of the following product lines:

Plant Pot Dimensions

Pot Size Top Diameter (cm) Top Diameter (in) Height (cm) Height (in) Bottom Diameter (cm) Bottom Diameter (in) Suiting Saucer
1 Litre 13cm 5.1" 11.4cm 4.5" 9.5cm 3.7" -
2 Litre 17cm 6.7" 13.2cm 5.1" 13cm 5.1" -
3 Litre 19cm 7.5" 15.2cm 6" 14.5cm 5.7" -
5 Litre 23cm 9" 17.6cm 6.9" 17.6cm 6.9" 26cm
Round Saucer
7.5 Litre 25.4cm 10" 21cm 8.2" 20cm 7.9"
10 Litre 28.5cm 11.2" 22.5cm 8.8" 22cm 8.7" 30cm
Round Saucer

* Sizes are given to the nearest whole number - usually up to ± 5 mm.

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