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RTW Table System

RTW Table System

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  • Create your own bespoke drainage system
  • No bending down to tend to plants
  • Suitable for a variety of substrates
  • Connect multiple trays together for large runs
  • No DIY heavy and expensive timber frames
  • Fully adjustable – set the table height
  • Ideal spacing for 600w lights
  • Easy to install, maintain and dismantle

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Create a Bespoke Expandable, Modular RTW System

When irrigating plants in Hydro systems, growers aim for around 20% run-off to ensure a healthy rootzone, clearing any salt build-up that can negatively affect the growth of the plant. In hand watering applications, if you want to achieve runoff every water, it can quickly increase the amount of labour a given garden requires as saucers and trays need to be drained to ensure the pots don’t sit in runoff solution. These tables have been designed to deal with this waste water while giving the gardener the choice to adjust the height of the system.

Favouring shorter veg times, these tables enable up to 16 small-medium plants on each tray.

Fully adjustable

The RTW Table can be installed at a low height setting to make the most of low ceilings or at a higher setting to allow a reservoir to be placed underneath, or to make access to plants easier. When connecting the RTW Table System together you have 2 options:

Terrace configuration

diagram of terrace set-up

In the terrace config, the nutrient solution cascades down the tables from one to another - rows of up to 5 tables can be connected together. The run-off nutrient solution drains down each tray under the pressure of gravity and it’s collected in the end tray and plumbed into a drain (run to waste) or back into the reservoir (recirculating).

The terrace config requires a lot less pipework as you only need to plumb in the end tray of each run using an IWS Elbow, Washer, Nut and enough 25mm Piping to deliver your spent solution either back to the reservoir or down a drain.

Same level Configuration

Same level config diagram

Same level set-ups require more pipework to get the tables plumbed in but allow all the trays to be sat at an identical level across an entire room. and allows a much more uniform space. It’s also easier when tending to the garden, as there’s less bending down.

With the Same level config, you’ll require an IWS Tee, Washer, Nut and enough 25mm Flexi Pipe for each table to deliver your spent solution either back to the reservoir or down a drain.

Designed for Dripper Systems

Suited best for dripper installation, these trays can also work well in hand watering gardens.

The terraces can be plumbed in as a recirculating or run-to-waste set up. The terrace system is primarily designed for medium and large scale growers who want to maximise the use of their space but the framework and trays can fit in tents from 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m and larger so the tables are suitable for smaller growers too.

Kit specifications:

RTW Table Standard Framework:

99cm(L) x 92cm(W) x 110cm(H) (when installed)

Supplied with a 100cm x 92cm Cross-hatched drainage tray

RTW Table Extended Framework:

Adds additional framework to the top of the standard framework, allowing the user to mount a light fixture and provide plant support on the flower and fruit at the top of the canopy with the addition of a Stretch Net Plant Support

99cm x 92cm x up to 200cm (when installed)

RTW Table Floating Utility Shelf:

99cm x 42cm (Mounts vertically to framework)

Provides plenty of room to mount Controllers, Ballasts, Thermometers and any other devices used in your grow room – it’s the perfect way to neaten the environment and simultaneously ensures your electrics and nutrient solution don’t mix, making for a safer working environment from an electrical standpoint.

Perfect in conjunction with FloraFlex

These tables suit Floraflex Irrigation Components, allowing you to assemble a professional, scalable irrigation solution that gets consistent, proven results. Floraflex saves Water, Time & Money, eliminates Algae and provides unparalleled control over top-fed systems. The flora components will deal with nutrient solution delivery whilst the terrace system deals with nutrient solution removal. Many of the large-scale commercial farms employ benches and tables to deal with the waste water from similar irrigation components. It’s extremely efficient and will reduce the required manual labour for a successful garden.


You’ll need a Reservoir and 25mm Pipework to connect the tray outlet to a drain (for RTW set-ups) or back to the reservoir (for recirculating set-ups). Use a 25mm tee for set-ups using multiple runs of tables or a 25mm elbow on terraced configurations and single tables on end-of-rows.

How to install:

Complete set-up instructions are included with each system segment.

When installing multiple runs of trays, there are two configurations, Terrace and Same level. Terraced installations allows run off to drain from tray to tray and is slightly more economical with space.

You'll require a Reservoir and 25mm fittings to plumb in your trays.


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