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This range of UpYouGrow propagators are robust and built to last. The shatterproof, UV stabilised lids are crystal clear to allow maximum light exposure for your light-hungry seedlings and rooting cuttings. They are perfect for using in sunlight or under grow lights for optimal plant growth. Lid vents allow you to control air flow or maintain high humidity levels for young plants.

The range of propagators are lightweight and have media trays included. Self-watering media trays come with holes in to allow water to wick upward.

Choose from large, medium and small propagators. You can choose to grow more variety in the same footprint with 2-bay and 3-bay or mini high-top propagators.

Extend your large and medium propagators with one or more height-extenders. This allows you to keep your developing plants in place for longer.

UpYouGrow propagators are available in electric-heated, self-watering and standard. These high-quality propagators even come in the ultimate: electric-heated self-watering versions.

There's something for every level of gardener to get your next gardening project off to the best start. Check out your new favourite propagator now.

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