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UpYouGrow Electric Heated 2-Bay Propagator

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  • 2-bay electric heated propagator
  • Unit measures: 38 x 24 x 15cm
  • Protect seedlings from sudden temperature drops
  • Maintain high-humidity levels
  • Improved germination strike rates
  • Simple to use
  • Supplied with UK 3-pin plug

What Is The UpYouGrow 2-Bay Electric Heated Windowsill Propagator?

The UpYouGrow 2-Bay Electric Heated Windowsill Propagator offers you the chance to start growing from seed earlier in the year.

Electric heated propagators provide you with a level of insurance. The consistent environment helps to protect germinating plants from sudden cold snaps.

Starting your tomato and chilli seeds in winter works to extend your growing season. The plants benefit from an extended vegetative growth period. This results in larger, stronger plants that produce more fruits versus spring sown. You'll enjoy earlier and longer fruiting.

These British made electric heated propagators are robust, sturdy and made to last.

What Are The Benefits Of the UpYouGrow 2-Bay Heated Windowsill Propagator?

2-bay electric heated Windowsill Propagator is perfect for growing a variety of plants from seed. Two individual propagators allow you to grow more or a variety of seeds.

Using a 12W built in heater means that you can start your plants earlier in the year. Electric heated propagators provide a consistent environment, with temperatures of approximately 16-21°C. This works to protect your delicate seedlings from any sudden temperature drops. Maintaining the perfect balance of temperature and humidity encourages rapid seedling development.

How Does The UpYouGrow 2-Bay Electric Heated Windowsill Propagator Work?

The electric 12W heater improves germination strike rates by increasing the soil temperature to approximately 16-21°C. It maintains temperatures and helps to avoid temperature shock during cold periods, such as at night time.

Measuring 38 x 24 x 15 cm, this windowsill propagator is ideal for most windowsills.

Plug and Grow

The UpYouGrow 2-Bay Electric Heated Windowsill Propagator unit comes supplied with approx. 1.8-metres of cable and UK 3-pin plug, so you can literally "plug and grow".

Why Do I Need An UpYouGrow Propagator?

If you want to grow a variety of seeds early in the year, you'll want to use UpYouGrow propagators and accessories.

These UK made units are robust and designed to last. Heavy duty bases and shatterproof lids mean these windowsill propagators resist bumps, knocks and drops.

  • Shatterproof, UV stabilised lids are crystal clear to allow maximum light exposure.
  • Perfect for using in sunlight or under grow lights for optimal plant growth.
  • Lid vents allow you to control air flow or maintain high humidity levels for young plants.
  • Strong and robust, yet lightweight media trays included:
    • Standard propagator media trays do not come with drainage holes.
    • Self-watering propagator media trays come with drainage holes to allow water to wick upward.
  • Made in the UK.

How Do I Use The UpYouGrow 2-Bay Electric Heated Windowsill Propagator?

Using the UpYouGrow 2-Bay Electric Heated Windowsill Propagator is really simple. The following guide outlines a standard method:

  • Plant your seeds in damp compost, in the trays provided.
  • Place your propagator somewhere light and well-aired, like your windowsill.
  • Plug in and switch on your UpYouGrow electric heated propagator.
  • Once seeds germinate, keep an eye on them.
  • If excessive condensation forms on the inside of the lid, open the lid vents to regulate the temperature by allowing airflow.
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