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Streetlight LED Grow Light

Streetlight LED Grow Light

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  • Less heat, more light with LED
  • Ideal to replace T5 fixtures
  • Long bulb life over 50000 hours
  • Available in a range of sizes and colours

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Harness the Efficiency of LEDs in your Grow Room with the Multi-Purpose Streetlight LED Grow Light

The Streetlight LED grow light range are a solid-state, silent operating, LED grow light that generates very little heat. The fanless design means there is no noise generated by fans or issues with them breaking, so they'll last longer..

The low heat levels generated mean you can get closer to young plants without scorching or other heat-related damage. This also makes them perfect to use with propagators to get seedlings and cuttings off to a strong start.

Which Streetlight LED Grow Light Should I Use for The Stage Of My Plants Lifecycle?

Propagation / Vegetative Stage Of the Plant Lifecycle

The 6500k Streetlight LED grow lights output is a cool light. The cool 6500k light is at the blue end of the light spectrum. Blue light is great for young plants (seedlings and cuttings) during the early, vegetative stages of the life cycle.

The 6500k Streetlight fixtures are perfect for propagators to germinate and nurture seedlings and cuttings.

Garden tip: The 6500k Streetlight is ideal on its own or as a supplementary light to HID lighting.

blue spectrum output graph

Flowering Stage Of The Plant Lifecycle

The 2700k Streetlight LED grow light output is a warm light. This light's output peaks around the red end of the spectrum. Warm light has a mix of reds, oranges and yellows that plants prefer during the flower and fruit production stage of its lifecycle. Used during the flowering stage, this light can help to increase yields.

red spectrum output graph

Dual Purpose Grow Light

The dual Streetlight LED grow light outputs cool and warm (6500/2700k) light. This version is suitable to use throughout the life of your plants. The dual version is a great option if you don't want lots of hassle, swapping lights out. It also suits growers short on time.

Dual spectrum output graph

What are the Benefits of Using Streetlight LED Grow Lights?

Streetlight LED Grow Lights for Less Heat and More Light

The Streetlight LED unit is fanless and self-cooling. It creates far less heat that other types of lighting so is a viable option for anyone looking for a highly efficient grow light that emits less heat. Unlike other LED units, there's no internal fans to create noise or break.

Key Features of Streetlight LED Grow Lights

The following key benefits outline why you should be using Streetlight LED grow lights for your next grow:

  • Long life, up to 50,000 hours ensures quality and durability
  • Sleek, robust aluminium housing
  • Zero Mercury content
  • No moving parts, virtually silent operation
  • Self-ballasted design with no adapters required
  • Growers covering a larger growing area can link up to 7 light strips together
  • 3-year warranty
  • Available in 5 sizes, 30cm – 120cm


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