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Supernatural Bud Blaster 500g

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  • Soluble late flowering and ripening PK Boost
  • Improves overall size and flavours of final fruits
  • Should be used alongside normal feeding regime
  • Can be used in soil, coco and hydro growing methods

Supernatural Bud Blaster provides your crop with super phosphates, vitamins and minerals which are rapidly absorbed in the pre-flowering and final ripening stages of plant growth for an enhanced, higher quality product.


Supernatural BudBlaster
High Performance Feeding Program
For All Soils & Soil Less Mixes

NOTE: All usage amounts given are per 1 gallon of water. One Teaspoon (TSP) = 5 ml in volume. All strengths listed are maximums. Always mix nutrients into the final volume of water and never in a concentrated form. Under some conditions these amounts may be exceeded with caution as plant damage is a risk. Reduce nutrient strength at the first sign of stress. On young plants or in a warm environment above 85°F (29°C), use half of usage amounts listed here.


Feeding Chart