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Dynamite 1L +200ML FREE

Dynamite 1L +200ML FREE

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  • Explosive increase in flowering quantity and quality
  • Use for reliable and repeatable results
  • Flower hardener with dramatic results
  • Latest in nutrient absorption for explosive results


What is Dynamite Flower Hardener?

Dynamite is a flowering additive, specifically designed to supercharge flower production, increase mass and rapidly harden the flowers.

Dynamite is developed by some of the finest scientific minds in the industry. Dynamite stimulates the plants to produce many more flowers and uses the latest technology in nutrient absorption. Dynamite is aimed at growers who want a reliable and repeatable way of producing huge yields time after time!

Why Should I Use Dynamite Flower Hardener?

Use Dynamite if you want to dramatically improve your plant's flowering potential. It works to increase your flower quantity and quality! Dynamite is suitable for any hydroponics system and growing media.

This bottle of Dynamite also includes 20% extra!

Depending on your required results, there are three ways to increase your plant's yield with Dynamite!

Recommended uses:

  • Aggressive flowering - use in the early flowering stage
  • More bulk and density - use later in the flowering stage
  • Balance of the two - use at the mid-point of the flowering stage

Whichever method you choose, use this flower enhancing booster alongside your normal nutrient regime. For the best results, use Dynamite for seven days in a row and then flush your growing media. If you need to change your nutrient solution before the seven days application period, simply reapply a fresh mix of Dynamite at the suggested dilution rate. After using for seven consecutive days, flush your media with fresh water and carry on feeding your normal nutrients.

For growers who want the best results, we recommend using the GrowDog range of growing media and nutrients.

How Do I Use Dynamite Flower Hardener?

Depending on your desired final results, there are three suggested methods for using Dynamite flower hardener.

Always follow the suggested dilution rate (per liter of reservoir water) and apply at the suggested stage of the lifecycle.

Three Methods Of Using Dynamite Flower Hardener

  Used To Achieve When to Apply Dilution Rate
(Over 7 days)
Method 1 Rapid flowering onset (increased quantity) End of week two or when plants reach preferred height Add 1-2 ml/l
Method 2 Balanced (quantity and quality) Apply during the mid-flowering period Add 2-3 ml/l
Method 3 Flower bulk, hardening and density (best quality) Apply during final two weeks of the flowering period Add 4-5 ml/l


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