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As your plants mature, there will be an increasing need for plant support, especially if you’ve kept all conditions optimal as you’ll have bumper harvests which weigh a lot and may be at risk of toppling over. Help your plants grow big and strong with our range of stakes, nets & poles. For more info on Plant Support and how to use them in your indoor garden, read our buyers guide below.

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Plant Support

Support can be vital if your growing a tall species inside due to the vertical height limitations of growing indoors in tents. In order to reduce the vertical height of some cultivars and increase lateral branching, growers use Low Stress Training (LST) techniques to alter the structure of the plant for more light penetration and better yield. We offer a wide variety of plant supports that can help carry the weight burden of heavy plants.

Plant support can help you get a more uniform canopy which will increase yields. Support is also essential in some systems such as Multi-duct and grow-tank nft systems, plants will become top heavy and you’ll risk them toppling over, due to the small size of rockwool cube, thus a lack of root support. We stock a range of plant support options, so you’ll be sure to find a support option for you.

Plant Support Circular Trellis

Circular trellises are a premium plant support option that will see you through many years of service. They have 3 legs and 3 concentric circles, providing support throughout an entire lifecycle of a plant. Circular trellises are a great option for mid to large size gardens as you just place one trellis in each pot, making sure the foliage is kept evenly spread.

Plant Support Nets

We offer a range of plant support netting that comes in a number of sizes. Be mindful of the size of area you want to cover with your netting, as our nets come in 1.2m width or 2m width in a variety of lengths. The spaces of the netting also differs, so look around at the various options and make sure to purchase one that suits your space and plant type.

1.2m2 Tent Support Net

We also offer a 1.2m2 support net that’s perfect for 1.2m2 tents. These support nets are made of a stretchy, pliable material that's thicker than plastic netting. Due to this, the net is a lot less likely to cause damage to plants. You can even connect these nets via the hooks in each corner, enabling the gardener to span larger spaces.

Scrog Line Pro

Scrog line pro’s are manufactured from plastic framework and a stretchy net that fits over the framework. They’re really easy to install and are the perfect option for those in a tent. You can fit 4 x 1.2 scrog line pros in a 1.2m2 tent, allowing you to get a perfectly even canopy and maximise your yield. Scrog line pro enables you to easily move your plants one by one, whereas with traditional scrog methods, once your plants have grown into the screen, its impossible to move them. Since the scrog line screen moves with the pot and plant, you can easily move plants without having to take the screen off.

Plant Support Canes

Our Bamboo canes are an ecologically friendly option for plant support. You can use them as a standalone option for plant support by putting a bamboo in each pot or in combination with other support options such as netting. You can also make structures out of bamboo to support plants horizontally, but make sure you clean bamboos between cycles as their pourous woody structure is perfect for harbouring pathogenic bacteria and fungus.

Plant support Yoyo

Yoyo’s are a very popular plant support option as they allow you to support your stems vertically, whilst enabling the gardener to position the stems where they choose under the lights, allowing better penetration to the lower growth. Yoyo’s are self-tightening, so you won't have to adjust our yoyos as your plants grow; just attach them to your ceiling and hook them to the growing tips of your plants during flower.

Plant Support Ties and Cords

Our ties and cords are specifically manufactured for horticultural purposes; they consist of a metal wire coated in a soft sheath. The soft coating gently grips plants in place while preventing any foliage from being ripped or torn. You can attach our ties and cordage easily by twisting the two loose sides together. Tighten ties with more twists or easily loosen them as plants get larger by untwisting the two sides. Our cordage is non-absorbent so it won’t promote any bacteria or fungus on your crop like normal garden twine can. Whichever plant support option you’ve chosen, you’ll require twisty ties to attach your plants to your framework more securely.

If you’ve got more questions about Plant Support, email us or get in touch with our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 who can advise you on the benefits of the different types of Plant Support and help you use them.