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Topspin Dripper Manifold (High Pressure) – 25mm

Topspin Dripper Manifold (High Pressure) – 25mm

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  • Dripper Assembly with 12 x 1m dripper lines.
  • Equal Pressure Across each drip line.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Robust, high quality, flexible system.
  • 25mm (1 inch) fittings.



The 25mm Top Spin allows for quick and easy installation, whether starting, improving or extending your set up.


You can install a Top Spin dripper system in any medium; Rockwool, Clay balls, Coco, Perlite, Grow stones or soil! One solution to any irrigation requirement.


Top Spins are pressure regulated, so the same volume of nutrient solution will be passed through each dripper.


Comes complete with a reusable, easy to clean filter to prevent the dripper lines from becoming clogged. You can feed up to 12 plants with this Top Spin unit but can feed as many plants as required by connecting multiple units with 25mm fittings.


Top Spin systems are great for run-to-waste dripper systems that you’re making yourself. Combine a top spin with a Danish tray and create your very own easy to manage run to waste dripper system; One of the easiest most effective irrigation techniques.


How to Use

You will need a pump; The more Topspin’s you’re using, the bigger pump you’ll need.


You’ll also require enough outer diameter 25mm pipe to go from the pump to the Top Spin and to connect each additional Top Spin unit in line. A 25mm stop end should be used on the last top spin in the system.


All systems will also need a 25mm in-line filter and a 25mm non-return valve located between the pump and the first Top Spin being used.


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