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GrowDog 60/40 Clay balls Coco Blend 40L

GrowDog 60/40 Clay balls Coco Blend 40L

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  • Premium grade, washed and prepared Coco and Irregular Hydroleca
  • Ultimate in Compaction resistance.
  • Perfect mix of water retention, drainage and aeration.
  • Unique Blend encourages fast, proliferate growth.
  • Consistent and extremely effective results.
  • A True 40L bag.


Please Note: Growdog have changed their packaging processes and bags are now 20% smaller and 20% cheaper than before. If you have previously used growdog substrates, you'll need to purchase more bags to get the same amount to fill your pots or containers.

A Perfect Balance of drainage, aeration and structure – suited for any system using pots!

The clay balls are irregular and multifaceted, adding plenty of structure, aeration and drainage whilst allowing the Coco in between to hold at vital nutrients to sustain plant growth between feedings.

Grow Dog’s 60/40 Clay Ball & Coco coir is pre-mixed ensuring consistent results between grows -Premium grade (Ultra low EC) washed and prepared Coco and Irregular 10-20mm Hydroleca (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate). You won’t find a 60/40 mix as good as this for the price!

60/40 is a versatile medium which can be used in several different systems. The blend of coco coir and clay balls creates a structure that completely resists compaction, leaving roots an unrestricted environment for unparalleled growth, providing everything needed for great results More roots – more fruit.

The coco and clay ball blend will insulate plants roots facilitating growth in sub-optimal environments. Try to keep your room at 25 degrees Celsius with minimal temperature swings for best results in terms of quality and quantity.

The blend also includes beneficial microorganisms which are promoted to grow thanks to the high water retention which will provide the microorganisms a source of food and water whilst the strong aeration qualities of the substrate allows them to breathe.

Grow dog 60/40 is an inert substrate, it does not contain any plant nutrition on its own and will require plant food dissolved into a nutrient solution. If you’re used to clay balls, this mix will require less frequent waterings as the coco holds onto the nutrient solution. If you’re used to pure coco, the watering frequency will be a bit higher with a lot less chance of overwatering.

Suitable systems:

Flood and Drain: Coco coir and clay 60/40 mix is best in an ebb and flow system, the clay balls provides good aeration and drainage whilst the coco coir hold onto the nutrient mix allowing less frequent floods – Use a filter if it's going to be used in a re-circulating system as the smaller soil particles can clog feed or return lines.

Dripper system: Coco & Clay ball mix is best fed little and often in a dripper system - a filter should be fitted if it's going to be used in a re-circulating system as the smaller soil particles can clog feed or return lines.

Hand watering: at the most basic level, you can use 60 40 clay ball coco mix in a simple hand watering system. The strong drainage capabilities of the medium will help prevent over-watering, just make sure you completely soak the entire medium each feed and let it dry out before you feed again.

How to Use:

Make sure you purchase enough substrate to fill your containers!

While the 60/40 mix has good drainage, it’s recommended to let your pots dry out before you feed again; keeping an oscillating wet and dry cycle.

The bags can become compacted during transportation. Before decanting the substrate into your growing vessel, we suggest you fluff up the medium and break up any larger bits. You can do this while the bag is closed by tapping the sides like how you would fluff up a pillow.

Use a nutrient that’s been formulated for Coco for the best results.


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