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Unwins Grow Your Own - Chilli Kitchen Garden - Growing Kit

Unwins Grow Your Own - Chilli Kitchen Garden - Growing Kit

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  • A perfect gift for gardeners
  • Easy access to healthy and enriching food
  • Grow your own food on a windowsill
  • Specially bred chilli variety for windowsill growing
  • Make great gifts
  • Full instructions with colour illustrations

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What is A Grow Your Own Chilli Growing Kit?

Imagine a life where you reach over and spice up your homemade curries and other dishes with fresh windowsill chillies... This is exactly what you get with these attractive Grow Your Own Chilli Kitchen Growing kits by Unwins.

Humans have been cultivating Chillies (Capsicum genus) for over 6000 years. Originating from Mexico, they spread throughout the world for use in food and medicine and are now available to grow and pick direct from your kitchen windowsill.

The Chilli variety, Dwarf Demon Red Chilli, is specially bred for windowsill growing. This kit makes growing your own Chillies from seed simple. Freshly picked, the Dwarf Demon Red Chilli adds heat and flavour to any dish. These chillies are tasty whether used fresh or dried.

Adding fresh flavour is literally within reach when you grow your own.

The windowsill grow kit’s make great presents at any time of year. Buy for a friend or loved one or for yourself as a gentle introduction to growing your own food. These straightforward kits are great for growing in small spaces, suitable for windowsill growing at any time of year.

How Do I Grow My Own Chillies?

Growing your own fresh Chillies at any time of year is easy with the Unwins Grow Your Own Chilli Growing Kit.

Easy to follow, simple assembly instructions will have you growing (and eating) in no time.

The kit contains everything you'll need to get growing:

  • Seeds, Compost and planter

Once you unpack this windowsill grow your own Chilli kit, setting it up is quick and easy.

You'll soon be enjoying fresh chillies for your home cooking. And you'll keep your windowsill tidy with the supplied planter.

How do I Sow Chilli Seeds?

  1. 1. Fill the pots with compost, level off and water in (keeping a little compost back for step 2).
  2. 2. Sow seeds on top of the compost and cover with a further thin layer of compost.
  3. 3. Cover the pot with clingfilm or a sealed bag until seedlings emerge.
  4. 4. Keep pots watered and pour away any excess water that collects at the bottom of the planter.
  5. Expect seedlings to be visible after around 2 weeks.

Garden tip:

  • After sowing and watering, covering the pots in cling film and storing in a warm dark cupboard provides an ideal environment for the seedlings to germinate faster.
  • Encourage more branches and potential flowering sites by pinching out the growing tips once the plant reaches around 6 inches.

This Kitchen Garden Chilli Kit provides excellent value for money and makes a superb, lasting gardening gift.

Includes full instructions with colour illustrations.


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