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Assassin Acoustic Ducting

Assassin Acoustic Ducting

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  • Robust and Silent – 3 layers
  • Drastically reduces the noise of fans and air flow
  • Silencer that runs through the entire run of ducting
  • Hobbyist acoustic ducting solution
  • Non-allergenic – no itchy rockwool
  • Available in lengths of 5m or 10m

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Silence your extraction system

At future garden, we pride ourselves on being able to supply you the latest garden tech for a fraction of the cost of the big brands without skimping on performance. Traditional ducting utilises rockwool for acoustic protection. Assassin acoustic ducting is different and performs much better than traditional acoustic ducting and it’s much easier to use.

Ductwork is essential to connect the various ventilation components for your extraction system. While standard reflective ducting does a job, it can be extremely noisy as the sound of airflow passing through the ducting creates constant noise. Assassin acoustic ducting is different, its been purpose built with noise attenuation in mind.

In a hydroponic environment, extraction can create a fair amount of noise. Extraction is utilised to:

  • A: Remove stale air alongside excess heat and humidity.
  • B: Bring in fresh CO2-rich air into the growing environment to promote healthy growth.

Assassin acoustic ducting helps to completely silence the sound of fans moving large amounts of air. Depending on the location of your garden, the noise it creates when in use can be of high importance. Bedroom growers won’t get a good quality sleep with noisy extraction fans constantly on in close proximity.

If sound proofing your grow room is a consideration when setting up your garden, Assassin acoustic ducting is the product for you.

Developed from the success of similar products, such as PhonicTrap Ducting, Assassin Acoustic Ducting offers an extremely competitive product at affordable prices.

Unlike traditional acoustic ducting, there’s no rockwool used for soundproofing. As a result, it’s easier to install and remove without extra personal protection, enabling a more hygienic crop as the foam does not disintegrate like rockwool can, so there’s less risk of your fruit getting contaminated.

Assassin Acoustic Ducting Benefits

Our Black Acoustic ducting is made up of 3 layers with an integrated steel coil for rigidity:

Black outer layer: The outer plastic layer is a thick PE plastic that’s robust and light-tight

White acoustic foam: Attenuates sound through absorption of a wide range of frequencies.

White breathable inner: Allows air to expand within the ducting, reducing the sound of airflow without stifling pressure, allowing your fan to push the same amount of air through the ducting without the associated noise.

If you intend on using Assassin acoustic ducting on an unsilenced fan like an RVK, consider wrapping your fan in Acoustic Foam, the assassin acoustic ducting will silence the sound of airflow while the acoustic foam will dampen the noise of the fan. You can also hang your fan with a Bungee Cord which can reduce vibration noise

How to use

You need to seal both the inner and outer layers to the flange to prevent leaks – follow the steps below to ensure a strong seal:

1. Using some tape, attach the inner white breathable material to the flange.

2. Pull up the white foam so that it covers the breathable material.

3. Pull up the outer black layer so it’s in line with the other two and fasten with a jubilee clip.

4. Optional: Tape the jubilee clip to the ducting and flange to ensure no movement during operation.

Ensure you stretch the ducting to open it out to reduce back-pressure on the fan and maximise the acoustic cancelling capabilities.

Can be used on both your intake and out-take.


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