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Can Lite Carbon Filter

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  • Absorb unwanted smells
  • Lightweight Filter
  • Micro pore carbon structure

Effective ventilation is essential for your grow tent or greenhouse. The evolution of the CAN range to include the CAN-Lite now offers the grower a lightweight filter delivering the same great CAN performance in a more user-friendly format. The CAN-Lite utilises a natural particle carbon with a micro-pore structure, giving a high active surface area to absorb unwanted molecules from your system.

Your Can-Lite filter will last about 12 months but it's lifespan can decrease if your air becomes too humid.

Can-Lites are built to go with Max Fans but other fans such as RVK's will work perfectly - as long as the m3/h rated by the manufacturer of the fan does not exceed the rated m3/h of the carbon filter the air will pass through enough carbon to be cleaned.

Filter Model Duct Diameter Length Max m3 / h
125mm x 300 Can Lite 5" / 125mm 300mm 425
150mm x 470 Can Lite 6" / 150mm 470mm 600
200mm x 600 Can Lite 8" / 200mm 600mm 1500
250mm x 600 Can Lite 10" / 250mm 600mm 1500
250mm x 1000 Can Lite 10" / 250mm 1000mm 2500
315mm x 1000 Can Lite 12" / 315mm 1000mm 3000
315mm x 1200 Can Lite 12" / 315mm 1200mm 3500
355mm x 1200 Can Lite 14" / 355mm 1200mm 4500