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Canna Hydro Flores H/W

Canna Hydro Flores H/W

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  • CANNA Hydro Flores is a complete nutrient especially for the flowering phase of plants.
  • Hydro Flores takes into account that less nitrogen is needed during flowering, but more potassium and phosphor. This, and the directly absorbable chelated trace elements result in an excellent bloom.
  • There are no damaging ballast substances in HYDRO nutrition because this will have an immediate negative influence on the plant’s development.


If you want to achieve the very best blooms then you need to insure that your plants receive the right nutrition through the flowering phase.  Canna Hydro Flores delivers just that. Designed specifically for inert run-to-waste systems – where the water drains away rather than returning to the nutrient tank – its unique formula provides the correct balance, with less nitrogen and an increase in potassium and phosphor as well as being rich in chelated trace elements. The end result? Beautiful, healthy plants with lively, vibrant blooms. Canna Hydro Flores is available in hard and soft water versions so you can be sure that while your plants are getting all the nutrients they need with as little as possible ending up in the drain water – so you achieve healthy plants without adversely impacting the environment.


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