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EcoHeat Tube Greenhouse Heaters

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  • Maintain a consistent climate
  • IP55 rated; splash and sprinkler resistant
  • Economical on electricity

  • Protect your crops from frost
  • Integral mounting brackets
  • Range of sizes to suit every garden or greenhouse

Low Cost Greenhouse Heater Option to Maintain a Consistent Environment for better end results!

Plants perform best when the daytime temperature is no higher than 25°C and the night time temperature is no less than 18°C. A consistent temperature without wild fluctuations of environmental variables will always give better results.

In the cold of winter, temperatures can heavily fluctuate, especially when your lights go off, as temperature can quickly drop when the source of heat from the lamps is turned off at the onset of the night cycle.

Humidity is also linked to temperature, so when temps drop, humidity increases leading to the air reaching maximum carry capacity and the water will condense on flowers and fruit causing issues like rot.

One of the solutions for reducing the fluctuations of temperature & humidity is to set a heater to come on around half an hour before the lights go out, giving the heater a chance to pre-heat the room.

Protect tender plants from frost and protect your wallet from soaring costs with the energy efficient Greenhouse Tube Heaters. Using around a quarter less power than other similar heater units, these tube heaters come complete with wall brackets for easy mounting, and a certified 1m cable for use with a standard mains power supply.

They carry an IP55 rating, meaning they are suitable for use where they may come into contact with water, so you’ll be reassured of their safety in a hydroponic environment. All Greenhouse Heaters are also fully CE certified (BS EN 60335/1:2002 compliant). This combination of safety and energy efficiency result in a great choice if you are looking for low-cost ambient heating to maintain steady temperatures in your grow space.

Technical specifications:

1 foot - 305mm – 45w

2 foot - 608mm – 80w

3 foot - 915mm – 135w

How to use:

These heaters are ideal for smaller grow areas and greenhouses. In larger areas, it’s advised to use something with more power like a Hotbox 2.7kw Heater. If you’re set on tube heaters for a larger space, you’ll need as much length of heater as your rows of plants are long. E.g. 1m long rows of plants will require the 915mm, 135w version.

Another use of these heaters is to warm propagation rooms in order to get cuttings to produce roots faster, helping to speed up your cycles allowing you to produce more each year through time savings.