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Green Protect Fly Tower - 2 pack

Green Protect Fly Tower - 2 pack

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  • Eco-friendly flying insect trap
  • Insecticide free monitoring device
  • Contains 2x traps
  • Each trap (mm): 263 (H) x 95 (W) x 30 (D)

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What are the Green Protect Fly Towers?

You can either hang the Green Protect Window Fly Towers anywhere or position them on a flat surface.

They work to help keep your home free from flying insects. An innovative 3D pattern is printed in an insect-attractive fluorescent colour to improves catch rates.

The Fly Towers control flying insects without the use of insecticides.

These fly traps are eco-friendly, insecticide free monitoring devices.

Each pack contains 2x traps and measure:

  • 263 (H) x 95 (W) x 30 (D) mm

How Do I use Green Protect Fly Tower?

The fly towers are easy to position and replace anywhere protected from the elements. This includes: your home, conservatories, caravans, outdoor rooms and offices.

The strips are made with colours that attract flying insects to land on them. The strips are sticky, and once the flies land on them, they can't get off to fly around your house.

How Long Are Green Protect Window Fly Trap's Effective For?

The Green Protect Window Fly Traps will effectively trap flying insects for up to 2 months.


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