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LightWave T5 Grow Lights

LightWave T5 Grow Lights

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  • The perfect colour temperature for plants
  • Reduced heat output allows closer positioning to plants
  • LightWave T5 fixtures take up minimal space and can hang vertically or horizontally


Our Lightwave T5 Grow lights are cost effective and practical tools in your battle for better plants and sturdier seedlings. Specially designed to provide unrivalled success in the propagation and cultivation of plants, these premium quality bulbs give an even spread of fluorescent lighting from a solitary unit. Low power consumption levels means they're cheap to run, and as very little heat is produced they're safe for using on delicate plants with no risk of scorching. Their compact design makes them the favourite propagation and vegetative lighting solution for discerning growers around the world. These units are the ideal lighting unit for floral displays. They're available in sizes ranging from the smallest 2-feet 2-tube option, up to the 4-feet 8-tube fixture.


Brand Lightwave
Dimensions (L x W x D) LightWave T5 2ft 2-tube (600 x 230 x 60mm) - LightWave T5 2ft 4-tube (600 x 370 x 60mm) - LightWave T5 4ft 4-tube (1190 x 365 x 60mm) - LightWave T5 4ft 8-tube (1190 x 640 x 60mm)
T5 Tubes Blue/White(6500k) For Vegetative Growth - Warmer/Redder (2700K) For Flowering Plants

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