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Air Pot - Air Pruning Plant Pots

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  • Revolutionary design creates a root system impossible in standard pots
  • Actively enhances the growth and health of plants
  • Air pruning encourages development of root mass
  • Superior Aeration and drainage
  • Less root deformation when compared with fabric pots
  • Pots can be reused for up to 10-years

What Are Air Pots?

Air-Pots are robust and use a perforated, dimpled, 100% recycled plastic with holes that expose the tips of roots to the outside atmosphere. This revolutionary design leads the growing tips towards the holes. Any roots that reach these holes are "air pruned".

What is Air Pruning?

Air pruning occurs naturally when your plant's roots are exposed to dry air, external to the growing medium or pot it is growing in. "Air pruning" is the process of roots naturally drying out and falling off. Air pruning causes more new roots to grow, further back along the main root. These growing tips absorb nutrients much better than established roots. Air pruning increases the amount of new hair-like, lateral roots, increasing the plant's access to nutrients. This leads to you growing stronger plants in a shorter space of time.

Air pruning reduces the number roots circling around the sides of the pot. This leads your plants to fill more of the available growing space inside the pot. More roots = more fruits.

In short, with an improved root system, your plant can access nutrients and water easier, leading to faster, stronger growth.

Air-Pot From Seed

The unique design of the Air Pot container transforms the quality of your plants right from germination. The ability to free drain combined with air pruning properties means seedlings are encouraged to create strong roots throughout entire pot. With a start like this, plants are set on a course for success.

Can I Move Air Pots With Plants In?

Air Pots are rigid and can be moved without disturbing the root zone. Due to their robust construction, Air Pots can last more than 10 years.

What Potting Medium Can I Use WIth Air Pots?

Air Pot technology is not limited to one media, such as soil, coco coir or clay pebbles. Air Pot's are compatible with any potting medium as well as hydroponic systems.

Air Pot's are a horticultural revolution. Long-standing research and conservation projects, such as the Royal Botanical Gardens - Kew (Kew Gardens) and the Great British Garden at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, have utilised Air Pots to grow several species of plants and trees.

How Do I Build and Use Air Pots?

Building and using Air Pot's is easy, they're arrive flat packed and are simple to build and use. To build your Air Pot, lay everything out on a flat surface:

  1. 1. Situate the perforated black wrap with the end without holes at the opposite end where you intend to position the coloured base.
  2. 2. Wrap the perforated black plastic around the coloured base.
  3. 3. Fix the wrap in place with the included coloured screws.
  4. 4. Fill the pot with your chosen potting medium.
  5. 5. When you're finished with the pots, they are simple to deconstruct for easy storage.

Air Pot Size Guide

Pot Capacity Base Colour Measurement
1 litre Black web base ø 111 mm x height 150 mm
3 litre Orange web base ø 195mm x height 235 mm
5 litre Red web base ø 231 mm x height 255 mm
9 litre Yellow web base ø 280 mm x height 270 mm
12.5 litre Green web base ø 306 mm x height 295 mm
20 litre Blue grid base ø 354 mm x height 315 mm
38 litre Black grid base ø 428 mm x height 375 mm

Air Pot Planter Ideas

Air-Pots make great seed trays and are perfect for herbs and salads. Used either in the greenhouse or outside the kitchen door, they can provide you with fresh organic greens all year.