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Propagation Air Pruner Plant Pots

Propagation Air Pruner Plant Pots

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  • Perfect start to your plant’s life
  • Perfect for Pre-veg in tight spaces
  • Creates a super strong root system
  • Superior to plastic pots
  • Supercharge growth rates through pre-veg


Start your young plants in the best way possible

When moving on from propagation into pre-veg, growers are trying to build a strong root mass that will fuel above-ground growth. Usually, growers will ‘pot up’ to a small size pot (0.5l – 4l) to achieve a strong root ball before potting on to your final pots.

We recommend vegging plants in these pots from anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks to achieve a strong root mass, enabling a dense, fibrous network of roots that will colonise much more of your final pot, making more use of the available space and substrate.

Roots act as the powerhouse for energy storage and nutrient absorption. Successful gardeners set the stage for flower long before flipping to 12/12. More roots = more fruits.

For ease of use, you can just place the propagation pots into the final pot, the fabric will allow the roots to grow through the pot making full use of the available space. If you want to ‘tradtionally pot’ by taking it out of the container, we recommend giving the sides a squeeze to create some room so the root ball slides out of the pouch easier.

Benefits of Air Pruner fabric propagation pots

1. Air Root Pruning

The largest benefit of our air pruning pots is its air pruning capability, which results in healthier roots below ground which can provide more nutrients and water to the plant above ground. With traditional plastic pots, the plant's roots will reach the edge of the container and be forced to circle the container in search of a friendlier environment. As these roots circle, minimal lateral branching will occur, resulting in poor nutrient uptake and cause the roots to quickly become root bound.

What makes the fabric Air Pruner Pots so unique is when the plant roots reach the container's edge, its laterally branching roots grow through the porous fabric, and when they meet the air on the outside of the pot, they are naturally pruned. This pruning process creates a more dense, fibrous root system that’s a lot more productive in the uptake of water and nutrients, resulting in a healthier, more robust plant that utilizes the entire root zone for optimum plant growth.

2. Aeration

The breathable, porous fabric pot allows air to enter the root zone from all surfaces of the container. This aeration provides a healthy environment for the roots as well as supports beneficial microorganisms and bacteria. This aeration provides oxygen to the roots, which is essential for the metabolic process in taking up minerals and nutrients. Oxygen is also necessary to diffuse carbon dioxide away from the roots caused by the respiration of root cells and microorganisms. Roots without adequate access to oxygen will result in weak plants that exhibit stunted growth and are much more likely to fall sick to pests and diseases.

3. Drainage

A common problem with traditional plastic containers is poor drainage leading to anaerobic condition that result in soil borne diseases like Phytophthora, Fusarium and Pythium, responsible for devastating root rot. Due to the breathable, porous fabric, excess water can easily drain from the container, keeping moisture at an ideal level for healthy plant growth.

4. Temperature Control

The construction of fabric Air Pruner pots allows air to penetrate the sides of the container, keeping it cool when exposed to direct sun on hot summer days or the intense light of an indoor grow light, through the process of evaporative cooling. Plants will be less stressed during uncontrollable heat spikes such as heat waves, as well as better insulated against cold floors.

5. Quality & Durability

Air Pruners give horticulturalists a single, extremely durable solution for all fabric-pot needs and growing environments. Perfect drainage and aeration allow optimal water and nutrient uptake, yielding rapid, optimal plant growth throughout each growth cycle. The fabric also allows air to easily reach your plants’ root zones, delivering superior drainage and creating a healthy, fibrous root environment.

The porous material is reinforced with high-quality, high-strength thread. The pruner pots strong stitching allows the container to withstand constant moisture and prolonged UV exposure while retaining its self-supporting form and structural integrity, even in challenging climatic conditions including during irrigation and transport. The container’s handles on the larger sizes make it easy to quickly and safely move your plants.

In testing, the stitching is so strong, the fabric gave in to the stress of load rather than the stitching. We’re confident that these pots can cope with the heaviest substrate, even when wet!

6. In Hydroponic applications

You’re probably familiar with air pruning pots being used to grow impressive soil and coco based plants but when used indoors, not only do you have the unique combination of air root pruning and aeration of the root zone, but fabric air pruning pots are the ideal container for some of the most popular hydroponic systems (Ebb-n-flow; Drip circulating; bottom fed) because nutrients and air can easily pass in and out of the porous fabric. The fabric can be used like a filter during the drain cycle, allowing only the nutrient solution back to the reservoir. This gives the grower the option to use peat, coco, soil and many other medium without clogging lines or pumps. Our fabric Air Pruner pots can be washed and reused for many cycles.

7. Lifespan

The average fabric pot can be reused for up to 4-5 cycles indoors or up to 3 years outdoors. The durable fabric allows washing, and the marine-grade stitching keeps the Pots strong no matter the environment.

Air Pruner Fabric Propagation Pots Technical specs

Item Height (cm)
Diameter (cm)
Thickness With Handles
Gallons Suitable Saucers
Air pruning Pot 1L
16 9 1mm N/a
20cm Round
Air pruning Pot 2L 18 12 1mm N/a 20cm Round

How to Use:

Air Pruners are perfect for growing plants of any species to any size, they'll fit seamlessly into your current grow room with few, if any, changes to your normal regime in plastic pots. Plants in Air Pruners are easy to transport.

If hand watering fabric Air Pruner pots, it’s recommended to keep a saucer or tray under your plants as when hand watering for best results you want to give a 20% run off during the wet cycle to ensure the entire medium is wet - keep saucers under your plants or trays for a larger number of plants, as without them, this run-off would simply flow onto your floor and flood your room each time you water.

Never let Air Pruners sit in their run off.


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